Pregnancy: Emotional Overload

Some days I just feel crazy… Like right now I want to cry (out of happiness), at the same time I’m nervous about what my body will go through in a few weeks, at the same time I’m filled with emotion about the fact that I will have MY very OWN baby in my arms in approximately 5 weeks!

Oh My GOODNESS, I can’t begin to imagine the love I’ll feel; that is what really scares me. I’m scared because I am NOT the emotional type. Not by choice but by “nurture”. I honestly don’t know how to show love and affection without feeling weird or uncomfortable. You see, I grew up in a home where the word love was NEVER used…. Hugs? I don’t think so.

I’m just a big mess… I think I’m more afraid of the emotion, the love I will feel. I can deal with the pain. It’s the uncontrollable oxytocin rush that frightens me most!

Can any moms out there relate?

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