More About Me

Hi! I’m Raivon. An Atlanta, GA based, stay at home homeschooling mom! I have two children, a boy (4) and a baby girl, not yet 1. I’m married to a pretty darn awesome, God-loving man. Can’t forget that!

VainMommy started as a blog documenting my dream of becoming a SAHM. Evolving into a space for me to share my experience with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, which was totally unexpected.

Now, I’m back to the basics. I am truly living my dream being a wife, mom and now taking on the pleasure of homeschooling my son. Because of my children I truly have IT ALL!

I’m excited and nervous about what’s to come and I look forward to sharing with you!

I enjoy…

Growing in my Faith. Being with my family. Friends. FOOD! ALL the FOOD! Nature. Walks with my kids. Creating memories and Traditions. Getting fancy for date night. Fitness. Planning anything. Making plans for the future.

Why do I call myself VainMommy, isn’t being Vain a BAD Thing?

It depends how you look at it. Vain, on its own is not a desirable trait, but when paired with “mommy” It’s just who I am.

[veyn] [mom-ee]
1. a mommy who is excessively proud of or concerned  about one’s own child.
…their children’s qualities, achievements, etc. 

and that is SO me. 🙂

Please stick around for homeschooling: Support, Perspective, Inspiration, Motivation, Tips and Tricks and all the non-MOM Life stuff that makes me who I am.


Raivon Lee,

The Vain Mommy