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Top mommy bloggerI feel like we are best mommy friends. You actually like your kids (occasionally, you love them, but don’t like them all that much). You want only the absolute best for your children, even if it means going against the grain, & making the tough decisions. You genuinely enjoy being with your little ones & want to make the most of the years you have them under your care. You both love & fear the idea of homeschooling, but are tickled pink about the journey ahead.

Hi! Welcome to my blog. Consider this our virtual play-date. With you, I’ll share the most useful, inspiring, & thought-provoking bits of our homeschool life — in between bribing my preschooler to stop screaming and swiping random pieces of, who knows what, from my baby’s mouth.

I chose the word “bits” purposefully. I understand that ain’t no momma got time to be reading long, drawn out, hard to follow posts. What you need is a little guidance & inspiration for your homeschool journey. You need to get in and get out, much like grocery shopping with the kids in-tow.

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I know what it’s like to want the very best for your child, but being afraid that you are making the wrong decision. I know what it’s like to make that decision and not have a clue where to begin. I know what it’s like to begin and wonder if you are ruining your child’s life. I know how those thoughts of throwing in the towel & joining the yellow bus gang, creep their way into your mind.On the other hand, I also know how invigorating it is to set out on the journey of homeschooling, celebrating victories, big & small & witnessing your child’s firsts, that you would have missed otherwise. I know those priceless moments of learning side by side with your child.

 My family has only just begun our homeschooling journey. I’m no expert, luckily I don’t need to be. There is no right or wrong way to homeschool. I am so excited to share our journey with you. Let’s do this homeschooling thing together.
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