About Me


“It is my mission for every woman to realize her worth, by supporting her to become a VAIN MOMMY.

A woman who BOLDLY pursues self care — WITHOUT guilt!”

Hi, I’m Raivon Lee. I am a 30 something wife and stay at home mom. I am a fitness fanatic who honestly enjoys infomercials. I live for those before and after pictures! My obsession with fitness has evolved over the years, in that, health, the internal reward is now my top priority.

What I can do for YOU

I am a Health and Fitness Motivator.  I won’t light a fire UNDER you but my goal is to light a fire IN you! I want you to gain a passion and love for yourself. Many women more likely than not, have placed themselves last on their list. Heck, if you are like me maybe you didn’t even make that list! I support women in reaching their goals by MOTIVATING, providing ACCOUNTABILITY, INSPIRING and SHARING resources. Making it possible for them to pursue SELF CARE through fitness & health. All of this takes place during monthly challenge groups held in a private Facebook group. It’s truly an amazing experience to connect with and be supported by my challengers — while supporting and motivating them!

The Vain Mommy explained

My team, is made up of women, some are already Vain Mommy’s and some are on their way! What the heck is a Vain Mommy?!

Vain Mommy noun. 1.  a woman who BOLDLY pursues SELF CARE — WITHOUT guilt!

I neglected myself for years. There were times I would consider doing something for myself but I couldn’t justify taking the TIME or spending the MONEY on little old me. GUILT was always there staring me in the face! What was that about? Does this sound familiar to you?

For you it may not be family or kids, it could be work or a relationship that you prioritize over yourself.  After 4 years of total neglect, MIND BODY and SPIRIT I reached a breaking point and evolved into a Vain Mommy. It’s a work in progress but I am finally giving back to myself which enables me to give back to my family, friends and you!

What I am here for

You may simply need the accountability, someone to check in on you to make sure you are adhering to your plans, or motivation to keep going. You may need me to be something totally unexpected depending on your circumstances. We all know that it is easier to reach goals when we don’t go it alone! I learned this first hand when I tried to earn an online degree. What was I thinking?!  There’s something about being in the classroom and working WITH others that keeps me focused on the prize!

I want you to know that YOU are worthy and YOU are the prize! YOU deserve to reach YOUR goals whatever they may be.  To live a vibrant, healthy and why not SEXY life!  Stop surviving life — let’s THRIVE! Without guilt, because SELF CARE allows us to better care for and give back to others.

Our Relationship is Mutually Beneficial!

While I’m not expert per se. I believe we gain the best expertise when we’ve experienced the pains, doubts and sufferings of others. Once we emerge on the other side, we can then reach back and pay it forward.
My value to you comes from the fact that I am in this just as much for your benefit as I am for mine. That may seem odd but I’m pursuing SELF CARE, connection, a sense of belonging, fitness and health just as you may be. I experience the joy of giving back Every. Single. Day! There’s true value in having mutually beneficial relationships.

Want to know EVEN more? Keep reading…

How did I get here? Let’s take it back a bit. Circa 2006

Before becoming a mom I worked as a nurse. I suppose I was helping people but I felt empty. There was a lack of connection with my patients. I was buried in paperwork and had many patients assigned to me per shift. I felt that my main purpose was to shove pills down their throats and move on to the next.

 I looked for another option…

A career that would still allow me to care for the body but in a holistic way. I became a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). After a few years of working as a LMT, I moved to Atlanta GA. It was then that I talked to my then fiance about finding work that wasn’t about the paycheck, he agreed and I worked for four years as a private duty nurse for a young girl. It was amazing.

Unfortunately even though I enjoyed my work, personally I was lost. A people pleasing push over looking to the world for affirmation. To make a long story short I decided that starting a family would provide me with the worth and purpose I desired. Becoming a mom was supposed to be my “way out” . NOT!

I had a horrid pregnancy, my home birth plans failed and just for fun I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety! I lived in complete survival mode. Then somehow I was pregnant with our second child after promising that we were “one and done”. How did that happen?

Again, I was dog sick. I felt so helpless and trapped but then I was just PISSED. I was angry. I realized I had no idea who I was? “Raivon? Raivon who?” I still didn’t know what I wanted from life, I still felt worthless I still felt like I hadn’t found my purpose. But I knew I was running on empty and unfulfilled even though I truly believed that being a mom is a calling from God, Himself. Needless to say there was a huge guilt cloud over my head.

BUT I got over that! I planned for change!

After nearly four years of surviving each day and neglecting myself I was done! I made a plan for after baby was born to go after and implement things that brought me JOY and FULFILLMENT and I didn’t care if the mommy choir thought I was vain for it. Well maybe I did at first — a little. I would get in the best shape of my life, I would feel attractive, I would go on dates with my husband again. I would find health and fight depression by including healthful eating and exercising, I would learn and experience new things and I would be SO full, overflowing even, that I could give back and be an even better mom and wife!

The perfect timing.

Through a Facebook friend I was presented with the Beachbody Coaching opportunity. I was a little — no VERY hesitant. Isn’t that a scam — a pyramid scheme? After MUCH research (watching hours of YouTube videos) and prayer and talks with the husband, I decided to take the leap and considered becoming a coach my SELF CARE … an investment in myself.

And here I am!

Have questions? Want to join my team or be in my next challenge group?

You can contact me below, on FaceBook, or Instagram . I look forward to chatting with you.