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Shakeology, THEE Weight Loss Maintenance Game Changer!


This was me about two years ago. About one year after I had my son. I worked hard for those results, they may not Raivon-Lee-After-Piclook like much to you but I could not believe what I was able to do with A LOT of hard work. That photo lets me know what I am capable of and that it is possible for me to achieve those results again after our second child is born.


The only issue I have with seeing these pictures is knowing how hard I worked only Shakeology-resultsto end up right where I started because I was unable to MAINTAIN my results.

Thankfully maintenance  won’t be an issue this time around because ff what I’ve learned.

I’ve tried and succeed at losing weight many times over the years. Notice I said “many times”. It was never easy and guess what it never lasted.

Have you ever experienced the Diet Cycle?
You start a diet. You are SO motivated you can practically see the motivation sparkling on your skin. You just know that THIS time will be different!

You begin to cut calories and exercise. All is going well until — BAM!

Around day 10-14 of your “different this time diet” temptation becomes too much. You are frustrated because you were doing so well! You don’t feel very well, you have brain fog and irritability, your energy is low. You feel like something is missing and your body is SCREAMING for you to feed it anything to make it feel better. Which normally are junk sugary foods because those foods provide an immediate sugar high. Only to drop us hard shortly there after.


Then comes the guilt. Ahh! I’m such a failure! I’ll start fresh tomorrow. I’ll be good etc etc.

I lived stuck in the diet cycle, until I realized it’s cause.  

I wasn’t a failure… YOU aren’t a failure — our diets failed us!

We assume it’s a lack of will power, that we are weak. That’s not the case.

When we cut calories AND add exercise we cut vital nutrients. All a craving is our body saying I need nutrient x y or z.

When you drink Shakeology every day you are feeding your body what it needs and wants.
You are then able to:

  • cut calories
  • exercise
  • stick to your diet
  • keep the weight off

The best part, it’s not a struggle!

Ask me how you can try Shakeology to help you reach and KEEP your goals. You have nothing to lose thanks to the “bottom of the bag guarantee”. You will thank yourself and so will your body!






I Tried Shakeology: Here’s What Happened


I’ll admit I was scared to try Shakeology for the first time. I’m not sure why exactly. It took many months after being introduced to it before I convinced myself to JUST TRY IT! Mainly because of cost. I was not about spending money on myself, I always found an excuse to not invest in me. Sound familiar?

The first few times I tried Shakeology I wasn’t all that impressed. It wasn’t necessarily BAD but it wasn’t GOOD either.

Although I had come to understand the value of Shakeology and knew it was good for me and an INvestment in my body and health. If I was going to continue investing it NEEDED to taste good!


The first shake I made with 12 oz dark chocolate almond milk and ice. It was too thick for my taste…I have issues with texture. Also I noticed an aftertaste, currently EVERYTHING I eat has an aftertaste thanks to being pregnant! I take my tooth-brush EVERYWHERE I go! I will update once baby is here.

Over all it could have been worse, but I couldn’t finish it. These shakes are HUGE! As for how it made me FEEL?! I sensed an almost immediate sense of well-being. Was it all in my head? Regardless, I felt it and I enjoyed it.

My second shake was with water and ice. Not bad, which was surprised me. I thought I’d need something other than water to “help hide the taste of the powder” like other powders I’ve tried in the past — but that was not true. Still, the water to ice ratio was off. It wasn’t cold enough and I couldn’t finish. You will be amazed at how large of a shake one scoop makes — 25 ounces! It fills my entire shaker bottle plus I have some left in the blender to share with Ari!

My third shake I threw in a banana, some nut butter and ice — getting better! To be honest I hate banana and only have it in smoothies, again it a texture issue.

BUT my fourth shake was HEAVEN! I finally found the right ratios and I am HOOKED. My shake tastes as good as it is for me! Win win all the way around!

I’m not the only one who has had this experience. Many people who have tried ShakeO for the first few times have said they HATED it — but now don’t miss a day. That is why I suggest 21-30 day Shakeology Challenges.


I add a scoop of instant coffee after a sleepless night, but not often because the shake it self gives me energy. Must be the maca root!?

If you are on the fence about trying Shakeology just do it! Try for yourself AND give yourself time to find a recipe that rocks your boat… Most importantly notice how it makes you FEEL. 🙂

If you are on the fence because you are concerned about its taste– TRY IT and give it a few tries. There are a TON of recipes on Pinterest!
If you are concerned about cost — TRY IT and see how it makes you FEEL then you will understand the value of Shakeology!

You have nothing to lose. BUT so much to gain. You can always take advantage of the bottom of the bag guarantee!

Tell me about your first time?!






VIDEO: What IS Shakeology Anyway?


What exactly IS Shakeology?

Great question!

Shakeology (Shake-O) is a, nutrient dense meal replacement shake, a vitamin and can even be considered a “whole food”. It contains many whole-foods and super-foods which provide many of your daily nutrients in one meal!  Do you know how many calories you would have to eat to feed your body that amount of nutrients in ONE day let alone ONE meal?

Shake-O is NOT just a protein shake, it does contain protein but I prefer to see it as a HEALTH shake — first. When I decided to implement Shakeology as part of my health and fitness journey my focus was not on getting enough protein. No one in America needs to worry about a protein deficiency… NUTRIENT deficiency — YES! The icing on the cake is that it contains NO soy, NO artificial colors, NO artificial sweeteners and NO artificial flavors! This is GOOD!

Shakeology is truly an INvestment not only financially but an INvestment IN yourself, your health and your body.  I’ve invested in many things outside of myself but I’ve learned that if I’m not healthy, thriving and performing at my peak it’s pretty hard to enjoy those outward investments. In my quest to find natural ways to aid in my fight against postpartum depression, I learned that nutrient deficiencies contribute to many diseases within the body including depression. I had no idea how alive I could feel until I began feeding my body what it truly craved and NEEDED! Honestly, during my pregnancy I didn’t have many cravings, aversions YES! But I CRAVE my icy chocolate frappe every morning!

Being a VAIN MOMMY is all about making investments in yourself. BOLDLY pursing self-care without guilt! I would not have given this to myself in the past. I would have made many excuses and ended up spending  wasting the money on something less important. You are WORTH it! I am WORTH it. Health is luxurious and I chose to treat myself and indulge in Shakeology!

If you feel you are ready to make Shakeology a part of your day or have more questions please feel free to contact me! Here or on Facebook!



What can SHAKE-O do for you?

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