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Take Your Child’s Interest to The Next Level: Airplane Lesson Plan Inspiration!

Airplane Lesson Plan Inspiration for Children

This post may contain affiliate links.Airplane Lesson Plan inspiration! Great for any age! I love that it allows me to converse with my child.
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Hi all!

Here’s a bit of inspiration for you! These suggestions will add depth to your child’s love of planes ✈️ .

One of the best ways to help your homeschooler gain knowledge is by following their interests. Because they are already interested. Currently my son is on a plane kick and I’ve been able to build on it!

Here’s how.

My Preschoolers Interest of the Week: PLANES! 

How to create an Interest-Led Learning lesson Plan!

Ari watching an airplane!


I requested lots of books from our local library: Picture, Fiction and Non-Fiction books! We read or flip through them together and “go with the flow”.  Ari has many questions and we are able to find the answers.

 2. Field Trip!

We spent our morning at a small local airport that has a PLAYGROUND!! How to do Interest Led Learning. Air Plane theme.

Ari had a great time and was able to watch planes: land, take off and refuel! Obviously, from the look on his face, he was ecstatic!


We watch videos about the Wright Brothers:

New Vocabulary:

  • Aviation
  • Inventor
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration

Spanish (Foreign Language):

We learned Spanish words that relate to airplanes!

  • Airplane: Avion
  • Airport: Aeropuerta
  • Sky: Cielo
  • Clouds: Nubes
  • Up: Arriba
  • Down: Abajo


Art without guidance. I allow Ari to draw and paint the way HE see’s things

  • Airplane drawings & paintings


  • Paper Airplanes!


Remember, this is a very loose lesson plan, meant only to inspire. You can easily customize this to meet your families needs!

That wraps it up! I hope this helps!

Happy Plane Watching!
Raivon Lee,
Vain Mommy



Interest-Led Learning

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