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Two Ingredient, Super Easy, Natural Mosquito Repellent!

natural mosquito repellent

Hi Mamas and Papas,

Natural solution to prevent mosquito bites on childrenDo you see that picture of my sweet baby’s chunky leg — with 3, THREE, Tres’ mosquito bites?! We just returned from vacation and my poor boys’ body looks like he was in the midst of the ten plagues of Egypt .
I’m over it. We try to go the natural route in our home; I went to Whole Foods to purchase a natural bug repellent.

BUT — the price . . . Goodness!

Thankfully, the young lady that worked there suggested I make my own homemade repellent for half the price.

All I needed was an essential oil, a carrier oil and a dark glass bottle for storage. It’s easy and works great; here’s what you need to know.

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Atlanta Fun for the Kiddos

BriarwoodParkI learned a while ago that getting out of the house with A, Every. Single. Day. Is an essential part of keeping my sanity, and his, honestly. He loves mommy but he likes to get out and explore. When A was younger it was difficult to get out for a number of reasons.

1: The naps. OMGoodness! I felt like I couldn’t go anywhere because I did not want to mess with the naps. If you are a mom you get this. Enough said.

2: Being a first time mom and having postpartum depression/anxiety AND not knowing what it was at the time kept me isolated, with no motivation to even brush my teeth let alone be social!

3:  I had no idea where the best kid hangouts were.

Here I am 17 months later, and I must say, I feel like quiet the expert on the subject! So I will share the wealth…pay it forward if you will. I will include: parks, splash pads, indoor playgrounds, story times, kid-friendly dining and much more as we come across new things!

Stay tuned!


Becoming a REAL food family: What is Real Food Anyway?

Amazon…Amazon Prime…Amazon Mom; Everything AMAZON! I’ve been sucked in! One of the perks of Amazon Prime is that I have access to “free” instant videos (Movies, TV and Documentaries).

In the last few days DH and I have watched an array of documentaries about food, lots and lots of food. Vegucated (focuses on the Vegan lifestyle), Food, Inc. (gives the low-down on the food industry in America), Fat Sick & Nearly Dead (follows a man across the country while juice fasting for 60 days) and Forks Over Knives (reveals how and why a plant based diet has proven to be healthier).

Just let me say I’m sure some of my interest in the above is a part of my nesting… I’ve also been going around the house with a glass of bleach and tooth brush looking for any crevice that needs a scrub.

Now where was I?

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Hello Mr. 2013!!

It’s the last day of 2012! Just the THOUGHT of a NEW year sends shivers up my spine! Good shivers that is; Jubilant joy!
I feel like I’m preparing for a blind date! I’ve been doing things like revamping my non-existent beauty regimen, picking up little treasures that I can wear on my date with Mr. 2013, i cant wait for him to arrive! I’m, day dreaming of the moment ill get to meet him…ahhh 2013!!!! Swoon

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Our 1st Hanukkah: No we aren’t Jewish

“It’s true…Christians don’t typically celebrate Hanukkah, but our family celebrated our 1st Hanukkah this year, with a twist!”

I spent two years working in a Jewish preschool and I experienced more growth and understanding of Christianity than I had my entire life of going to church (and as a child I was in church at least twice a week).

I received a two year history lesson of the Old Testament; albeit on a preschool level, which was probably best. I spent those years sitting criss-cross applesauce singing songs, gobbling down traditional Jewish foods (Matzo Ball soup is ONE of my favorites), and going to Shabbat each Friday, all while getting a pretty good understanding of the Biblical Feasts, that are often referred to as Jewish holidays.

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