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5 Inspirational Homeschool Quotes: In Support of Play Based Learning

Homeschool Quotes! I love this blog! Play based learning quotes. preschool & kindergarten PLAY MATTERS!

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My son plays all. day. long. He’s only 4, what else would he be doing?

As a homeschool mom I’m ALWAYS wondering if I’m falling short. Is my little student learning enough? Will he fall behind his peers? Should I be providing more structure for my preschooler?

Worksheets, formal curriculum, should our homeschool look like traditional school?

Maybe you have some of those same concerns?

To answer my questions– NO. NO. NO! I know that I have nothing to worry about, I stand by the reasons my husband and I chose to homeschool. We want our children to have an education that is centered around who they are, and there interests. I also understand that there’s no such thing as being behind or ahead of peers. Children are individuals. No child should be forced-fed knowledge they aren’t ready for; simply because of the month and year they graced us with their presence.

Thankfully, I’m reminded just how important play truly is. My son is getting exactly what he needs, exactly the way he was created to — through play and everyday interactions.

If you worry also, (and what caring parent doesn’t from time to time) I believe these quotes will ease your mind. Read More »

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