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4 Totally Chill Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Relaxed Dad Who Has It All!

Great Father's Day gift ideas from kids or from wife, for dad who are easy to please! Father's Day gift ideas for dad who have everything!

This post may contain affiliate links.Great Father's Day gift ideas from kids, for dad who are easy to please! Father's Day gift ideas for dad who have everything!

My children are pretty lucky to have a really chill dad; it doesn’t take much to make Greg happy. He’s a simple guy, and this makes Father’s Day really easy to plan in our home. Whether the dad in your life already has everything, or is just a happy-go-lucky easy to please guy; these four gift ideas are sure to please! Read More »

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A “Vain Mommy” Is Not — At All –What You Think! Choosing my Blog Name.

How I chose my blog name!

Wow I had no idea that's what Vain Mommy meant! Why I named my blog Vain Mommy


What comes to mind when you hear “Vain Mommy”?

My husband truly, could not wrap his head around the idea of naming a mommy blog Vain Mommy. Understandably, he didn’t get it and I have an inkling that you may not get it either.

I can’t blame you, most mommy bloggers don’t choose a brand with an outright in your face, negative connotation.

When I started Vain Mommy I was pregnant and had my sights set on being the perfect stay at home mom (SAHM). Naturally, I’d start a blog. I needed a name that fully represented who I was, even if my husband “Mr. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” thought it was a horrible keyword.

To me Vain Mommy fit the bill perfectly…

So, let me tell you why I shamelessly refer to myself as a Vain Mommy.  Read More »

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1 Simple Way to Make Your Date Night Better — Before It Even Begins, for FREE!

This post may contain affiliate links.I love this! Date night invitation! Date night ideas

I’m a mom. A stay at home mom. A mom that will be homeschooling very soon. Needless to say, I spend a ton of time with my little people. The best little people in the world, if I say so myself!

Date Night Idea

BUT I’m also a WOMAN, and a WIFE!

At least once a month Hubby and I schedule a date night. I am able to embrace being a WOMAN… actually taking the time to slip into something other than my mommy uniform (black everything, leggings, mystery stained t-shirts and — maternity undies. TMI?).

When these opportunities to be, Raivon and Greg the married couple present themselves, we don’t take them for granted. We create memories.  Read More »

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