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I Tried Three Foundation Applicators, Silicone, Brush & Foam. Here’s What Happened.

Makeup sponges and brushes review

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Becoming a mom has transformed me into a health junky of sorts. Over time I’ve made small, but consistent changes to the foods I put into my body, and now, I’m slowly making better choices about the products I use on my skin.

I was introduced to Beauty Counter’s line of products by a friend. It took me a year or two, but I’ve finally started using their foundation. I think I love it! I heard they will be coming out with more shades for us brown girls soon! In addition to wanting more natural less toxic makeup, I was ready to upgrade to what I call “grown up” products. The drugstore brands have served me well externally, but you can’t judge a book by its cover and now my internal health is my priority.

I’ve always used a foam wedge, to apply foundation and I love the results—  but I came across two other options and decided to try! Here’s what happened! Read More »

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