Elective Cosmetic Surgery for my Baby? Why We Won’t Circumcise

Why Circumcise?If my son is born healthy (which we have total faith that he will be) not needing any surgery to preserve his life, then we obviously opt against any un-necessary surgeries. When I see his ultrasound pictures we already think he is just PERFECT the way that God made him. We love him so much already and DH and I want to protect him for his entire life! The thought of him receiving his vaccinations kills me, I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay in the room. DH will have to step in for that one.

So would someone please tell me why I would send my newborn baby boy off, alone to be strapped down, only days after his birth to have one of the, if not the most sensitive part of his body cut off!?

YES, I’m referring to circumcision.

DH and I decided against circumcision long before we actually had the information to support our decision; simply because the thought of my baby being strapped down and in pain because of a decision WE made did NOT sit well with us.

I won’t go over every reason not to circumcise, but I will include links below that I received from our childbirth class instructor. There is one topic I would like to point out… The reason we all hear most when moms and dads decide to circumcise.circumcision

” It’s easier to clean”
Really?? In my opinion if that was truly a valid reason to remove parts of our children’s bodies ALL girls should have their labia and clitoral hood cut off as well! All those darn folds getting in the way, makes it harder to clean and bathe them! Right?? Of course we as parents don’t want the extra work and as they grow and get older they will most likely NEVER learn to properly clean their own bodies SO let’s just have those parts removed!

Why circumciseOddly enough if this was done to a female it would be referred to as mutilation.

You get my point… I truly hate to be or sound judgmental. I really do believe that there are tons of parenting styles and choices that each of us have to make for our own families; but when it comes to things like circumcision where I believe ignorance or lack of knowledge is the primary cause…I admit it, I get a little riled up.

TONS of information we received from our instructor on Circumcision is below. ENJOY!


“You may be faced with the decision of whether to circumcise your son.  Don’t let culture blind you to the facts regarding this painful surgery, which is not recommended by a single medical organization in the world.  I have attached a full disclosure form which every parent should read before signing the consent form to have their son circumcised.  About 32% of boys born in the USA today are circumcised, and by the time our boys are “locker room age,” boys who are cut will be in the minority.


In 1995 Australian researchers were measuring the penis size of one hundred fifty participants to better understand condom sizing. An unexpected outcome of the research was discovering the difference in size between circumcised and intact erect penises. They found that circumcised penises were an average eight millimeters shorter than their intact counterparts. Circumcision also meant a reduction in girth of the penis by an average of two millimeters behind the coronal ridge and four millimetersat the glans.



This is an excellent, dispassionate video about the function of the foreskin:



Does circumcision prevent HIV?


Male Circumcision Ineffective in HIV Battle According to New Future HIV Therapy Report


Explanation of the highly erogenous nature of the foreskin:



Once done, a circumcision can never be undone.  This link contains 35 pages of posts from parents who are regretful of their decision to circumcise their son:



In order to truly understand a circumcision, it is helpful to watch one.



If you’re not sure you can stomach the video, start with still photos of a typical circumcision procedure:



Paul Fleiss is a pediatrician who is outspoken against circumcision.  This is an article he wrote:



Isn’t it hard to care for a baby with an intact penis?



If you choose to circumcise, some things you should know:

·         Circumcision is painful, and therefore can cause issues with breastfeeding.  You reduce this risk by not performing the surgery until the baby is 6 weeks old and breastfeeding is established.  Also, breastmilk reduces pain so a well-established nursing relationship can help your baby cope with the surgical recovery.  Pain may persist for up to 2-3 weeks.  Urinating will be especially painful.

·         Expect irritability and sleep problems.

·         A thin yellow film over the circumcision site appearing the following day is normal.

·         Some bleeding is common, but watch for excess bleeding, a fever, or a baby who is not urinating.  Some complications from circumcision are common, and serious complications, while relatively rare, do happen.  This is another reason to wait several weeks, so that you have gotten to know your baby and what is “normal” behavior for him.

·         It is unconscionable to perform surgery on a person without any pain relief.  Read this article to begin to research the options available for reducing your baby’s pain: http://www.drgreene.org/body.cfm?id=21&action=detail&ref=759


Resources for religious circumcision alternatives:




Is circumcision required by Christianity?



There are many other choices that must be researched.  Please make sure you have the information necessary to make informed choices.”

Circumcision Choice

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