FEAR, There’s Something Behind You & I Want It!


Insecurity is debilitating. It stops us from being and doing the very things we were created to do.

As I move into this wonderful new opportunity as a Fitness Coach and essentially a business owner… with intentions to help myself and other women reach their health and fitness goals, I find the doubt and self-deprecation to be suffocating.

I created Vain Mommy because I want ALL women to realize their value, and to understand the importance of SELF CARE. It is truly a divine responsibility.

I have just come to understand this myself. Yes, we are meant to give back, pay it forward and to serve others. Without a doubt! BUT that is under the ASSUMPTION that we are first giving to, loving and valuing for ourselves.

Do-you-value-yourself FullSizeRender (2)

I’m a work in progress but when I get those beautiful exhilarating glimpses of what it feels like to experience my worth and value as God sees it — as He sees me?!

It is amazing!

But in these beginning stages of sharing my true self and my vision for Vain Mommy with the world, the negative voices in my head are deafening. Leaving me to wonder who the heck I think I am to even try to be more than a SAHM and wife.

Those thoughts are trying with all their might to stop me from moving forward, and reaching my goals — from living my dreams and becoming someone God can really use to bless others. But day by day as I focus on the truth of who I am, they are becoming a little less audible.

The one thing that I’ve learned quickly from my sponsor coach is that AUTHENTICITY IS KEY. No one wants to see lil miss perfect who only shares the good days, or a person who is trying to be someone they are not. We can’t maintain that facade long-term it will run us into the ground. As a former people-pleaser believe me it’s so true!

So today I’m showing you ALL of me — the nervous, anxious and a bit lost parts of me. But I’m pressing forward toward the prize because I know that’s what God wants for me. I know it’s time to change my life’s strategy of running from fear, and to begin running towards it.

As they say, “Everything we have ever wanted in on the other side of FEAR!”


You maybe struggling as I am, possibly in a different area? Push through your fear, love yourSELF, CARE for yourSELF and believe in your dreams.

Most importantly be a Vain Mommy, BOLDLY pursue self-care without guilt!

-Raivon Lee

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