VIDEO: What IS Shakeology Anyway?


What exactly IS Shakeology?

Great question!

Shakeology (Shake-O) is a, nutrient dense meal replacement shake, a vitamin and can even be considered a “whole food”. It contains many whole-foods and super-foods which provide many of your daily nutrients in one meal!  Do you know how many calories you would have to eat to feed your body that amount of nutrients in ONE day let alone ONE meal?

Shake-O is NOT just a protein shake, it does contain protein but I prefer to see it as a HEALTH shake — first. When I decided to implement Shakeology as part of my health and fitness journey my focus was not on getting enough protein. No one in America needs to worry about a protein deficiency… NUTRIENT deficiency — YES! The icing on the cake is that it contains NO soy, NO artificial colors, NO artificial sweeteners and NO artificial flavors! This is GOOD!

Shakeology is truly an INvestment not only financially but an INvestment IN yourself, your health and your body.  I’ve invested in many things outside of myself but I’ve learned that if I’m not healthy, thriving and performing at my peak it’s pretty hard to enjoy those outward investments. In my quest to find natural ways to aid in my fight against postpartum depression, I learned that nutrient deficiencies contribute to many diseases within the body including depression. I had no idea how alive I could feel until I began feeding my body what it truly craved and NEEDED! Honestly, during my pregnancy I didn’t have many cravings, aversions YES! But I CRAVE my icy chocolate frappe every morning!

Being a VAIN MOMMY is all about making investments in yourself. BOLDLY pursing self-care without guilt! I would not have given this to myself in the past. I would have made many excuses and ended up spending  wasting the money on something less important. You are WORTH it! I am WORTH it. Health is luxurious and I chose to treat myself and indulge in Shakeology!

If you feel you are ready to make Shakeology a part of your day or have more questions please feel free to contact me! Here or on Facebook!



What can SHAKE-O do for you?

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