Are You A Vain Mommy?


Who is a Vain Mommy? Good question, I’ve put a lot of thought into what defines a Vain Mommy.

“She is a woman who BOLDLY pursues SELF CARE, without GUILT.”

VAIN is a strong word, with negative connotation, but I chose to use the word VAIN because it’s on the other end of the spectrum. Vain is the furthest thing away from what most “moms” usually are ( you don’t have to be a mom to be a Vain Mommy ;D ). We forget ourselves, and often become empty shells longing for more. And guess what, we feel guilty for wanting more, for sensing that longing.

I was not always a Vain Mommy and you may not be today but you can be, you should be.

My Story

I was sick and pregnant with my second child and I had enough. Over a period of time I slowly realized the hole I dug for myself.  I had neglected myself entirely for over four years. Pouring myself into my family day after day without taking the time to pour into myself. Much of this had to do with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. Regardless, I had nothing left to give — myself or those closest to me.

It became my mission to undo my wrongs and pay Raivon a little attention, to have pride in myself, to see myself not only as a mom but as a WOMAN.
I made INTENTIONAL plans to reclaim and reconnect with myself after baby was born by making time for the things that were important to ME:

  • Connection: I wanted to date my husband again, rekindle my friendships that had been put on the back burner and build new relationships.
  • Personal development : I could be a “career student” I love learning new things, working consistently toward small goals and growing as a result.
  • Fitness: I admit! I want a body that I LOVE, a body that I control and not one that controls me. And I wanna be a HOT mama and wife 🙂
  • Health: TOTAL health, mental and physical. I suffered from postpartum depression and continue to struggle now. I know that the right diet and exercise can help me in this fight.
  • Serve: I NEED to serve others. A life without giving back in someway would be empty and serve no purpose. The difference now is that I understand, I must FIRST serve myself so that I have something to give.

It was no accident that I  stumbled upon the Beachbody coaching opportunity. To be a coach it’s my job to pursue every single goal I set for myself. Health, fitness, personal development and serving others.

After much thought I decided to make an INVESTMENT in myself. I took the opportunity seeing it as a form of SELF CARE, a luxury a time to indulge! Here I am a MOMpreneur! Growing, learning, inspiring and creating the me I want to be every. single, day!
I am NOW a Vain Mommy. A woman who grew tired of self-neglect and being stuck in survival mode.

A woman who BOLDLY pursues SELF CARE — without guilt!

Would you join me?

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