10 Christmas Gift Ideas For the Mom in Your Life {Especially the Stay-at-Home Mom}

This is a great list! Christmas gift ideas for stay at home moms

This post may contain affiliate links.This is a great list! Christmas gift ideas for stay at home moms


Christmas is quickly approaching and there are things that we moms want and need! I thought if I shared my Christmas list with you, it may help — because there just might be another mom out there that thinks a lot like me. Let’s get to it!

Christmas Gifts to Make Mom’s Life Easier

Car Vacuum

No. I don’t enjoy riding around town with a Costco sized container of snacks spilled on my car floors! I’d love to have a clean car BUT — KIDS. There is no way I’m taking them with me to have the car cleaned. That’s just another type of H*LL. Yes, Hubby would totally clean my car and does when he has time — but really, when does he have extra time — Because KIDS! OH, lets not talk about my explanation to the valet guy. SMH. I just apologize and say, “it’s my kids fault”. Because it is!

This vacuum is a must have for anyone with small children! A great Christmas gift idea for mom

Robotic Vacuum

It would be so nice to have someone or someTHING cleaning for me at all times. Now that would be a life of luxury!

A perfect christmas gift for stay at home moms! One less chore


When momma needs coffee, she needs it STAT! There really is nothing like a cup of coffee that I can count on being the same each and every day. Also, I’d love to offer my guests a cup of coffee or tea that I’m not afraid will be too strong, too bitter, or too weak.

This is a great gift for mom! Chritmas gift ideas Rose gold Keurig


This thing will cook soup for me, HOT healthy food for my kids! Also, I’ve spent too much time with my old blender trying to make a green smoothie before a playdate. I’d rather not spend time starting and stopping and stirring and hitting my blender to get it to blend.

Christmas gift ideas for mom Vitamix blender

Contigo Travel Mug

Of course the coffee goes with me! This mug is literally spill and leak proof. Like, upside down in my diaper bag spill proof. It also keeps hot drinks hot for up to 5 hrs and cold drinks cold even longer! They come in tons of colors as well. I’m a rose gold type of woman.

Contigo Travel Coffee Mug Christmas gift ideas for mom

Christmas Gifts to Make Moms Life Stylish

LV Neverfull MM Damier Bag 

Because I’ve always wanted one but have always told myself no. This year I’m saying YES! This will be my ONE go to bag! Hear that Greggy?


LV Never Full damier Contigo Travel Coffee Mug Christmas gift ideas for mom


AKA. Cozy – public – slippers. Need I say more. I also think they are cute. Regardless of what “they” may say. But the whole sheep skin thing doesn’t sit well with me, so maybe a vegan version? Or the cardi Uggs?

Christmas gift ideas for Mom ugg boots

Rose Gold Hoop Earrings

This girl can never have enough hoops! Big to small bigger,  perfect for any and all occasions even car-pool line!

Gold Hoop Earrings Christmas gift ideas for mom


Christmas Gifts to Make Moms Life More Relaxing

Wood Wick Candles

They make me feel fancy and tranquil and like a homemaker.  I really love the atmosphere they create in our home. What’s really special about these wood wick candles is that they crackle as they burn!

Wood Wick Candles. The perfect Christmas gift for mom

Coffee Mug 

This mug is for home. I prefer a large mug that requires two hands to hold — like on TV. But this “Hustle Darling” mug has stolen the show! I’d really be a #girlboss if I had coffee from my Keurig in this mug!

This is a great Christmas gift for a motivated woman


Christmas Gifts to Let Her know You Are Listening


Please, get the mom in your life at least one gift that lets her know you’ve been listening to her all year long. I’m sure she’s dropped a few hints, on purpose or not.

For me that would be

  • Day Planner
  • Photography gear
  • Blog Planner
  • A live in nanny
  • Housekeeper
  • Chef

I hope this has helped! 

So, what are you getting the mom in your life?

Raivon Lee
Vain Mommy

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