12 Week Transformation Results!

You may remember me mentioning that I was participating in a 12 Week Body Transformation. Well I did it and here are my results AND the require 500 word “story” the was to be submitted! I must say I am really proud of myself even though I did not officially win. I’m amzzzed to see what I can do when I put my mind to it… it is all about the mind!

My No Excuse Mom 12 Week  Mind Transformation

“This transformation was not about my body. The way it looks, or what I could get it to do — THIS was about the power of my mind; how it looks at life & what it is capable of doing.”
When I embarked on this journey, my sole focus was my body. I took an unhealthy dose of willpower & set my goals.
It didn’t take long for me to realize that this had little to do with transforming physically. The transformation I needed & experienced was mental; which has produced lasting results that penetrate all areas of my life.
“Don’t train the body, train the mind: then the body will have no choice but to follow.”       

  -Me! Raivon Lee
Initially I attempted to run on will-power. If you are anything like me will-power is not a reliable fuel. I often found myself stranded on the sofa, cake stuffed in my mouth, not exercising & falling into my old unhealthy patterns.


I needed greater motivation to meet my goals. There had to be a better way to produce lasting change in my life.


Pleasing God: The Only Motivation Needed

Faith was key for me. In all of my actions towards a fit healthy body there was one question I began asking myself. “Will this Glorify God”…

Will eating this entire piece of cake glorify God? Will skipping this workout… Will plaguing myself with guilt?
How did I know if something glorified God? One evening I had the answer! I have an innate sense of right & wrong – good & bad – productive or destructive. We all do. We feel when something is wrong & more times than not that “something” does not glorify God.
Once my focus was shifted from my own will-power to God’s will & power my journey had greater significance. I was held to a higher level of accountability than ever before. I accomplish things I NEVER thought possible.
Like what? I’m glad you asked!

  • Running a sub 30 min 5k!
  • Fitting into size 4 jeans! I was size 8 pre-pregnancy.
  • Having a perkier booty
  • Waking up BEFORE my toddler to workout. Say what???  

Last but not least

Finding the courage to wean myself from antidepressants during week 9!

I will  never forget week 9. I am on cloud nine! I beat Postpartum Depression! I have no words only tears of joy.  I am certain that fitness &  nutrition played a role in my recovery. They are my new drugs of choice. They HAVE to be. Along with Faith.
I met goals that I didn’t even know I had. No Excuse Mom has reminded me that I have NO excuse. There is no reason for me not to live as & be a perfect child of God to radiate for all to see.

No. Excuse!

Becoming a mom is a catalyst that will make you better if you allow it!
In 12 weeks I have grown immeasurably in every aspect of my life. Thank you Maria for this powerful movement!
The Best,

Raivon Lee

Fit Mommy
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