35 Week Ultrasound…Little Man is BREECH!

SeeBaby AtlantaSeriously! At every other appointment our little man has been Left Occiput Anterior (LOA)… THE perfect position for delivery!

We went in for a consult at SeeBaby with Dr. Bootstaylor just in case I will need to be transferred during our home birth. Dr. Bootstaylor is fully supportive of home birth and the “natural way” of birth etc. He has a beautiful office as well, it has a “spa feel”. The music is low and serine, they offer you water and warm towels during ultra sound, But I’m ALWAYS burning up so I passed…

I was shocked when our ultrasound technician said he was head up! I pray he turns, we will be trying every trick in the book. My Midwife and a friend of ours that’s training to be a Doula recommended Spinning Babies.

So far we’ve …

  • Placed a flash light at the bottom of stomach while playing music with a cold pack up top and a heating pad down low.
  • I’ve inverted myself on an inclined ironing board at the base of our staircase (See picture below)
  • Greg has had a few “man to man” conversations with him. They go something like this. “Move down little guy come on you can do it. I know you can, we need you head down so you can come out…” Lol
  • Most importantly we are praying!

I will say its HARD holding a pregnant body upside down… the picture to your left is me laying on an ironing board at the base of our staircase! At least I’ll be in good shape for labor?!

What I will be trying…

  • Seeing a Chiropractor
  • Moxibustion (I’m really looking forward to this)
  • And more Prayer!

Whatever it takes to get lil man upside down in the oven! Or home birth may not be an option šŸ™


What worked for you; how did you get your Breechie babe turned?



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