36 weeks…Baby Still Breech

As you all know we found out at our 35 week ultrasound that our baby is breech, and that’s a big deal when planning a home birth.

I’ve read from many sources that baby has plenty of time to turn. I have faith that he will; I’m sure I could have more faith though. So much is riding on him turning vertex or head down. Our entire birth plan, everything that would make me feel safe and in control during labor would have to be given up. No home birth, no water birth and possibly major surgery aka C-Section… But I know what’s most important is getting our little man here safely.

Trying Moxibustion with a Moxa stick!

DH and I have decided to stay focused on our original plan; which is home birth. We aren’t even going to think of the alternatives. He’s better at this than I am…obviously.

We are doing everything we can. Praying and having faith, Moxibustion with Stick-On Mini Moxa Sticks, and the Regular Sticks.   

We are seeing a Webster Certified Chiropractor, Dr. Linda Mullin who has been amazing so far! I’m doing Breech Tilts, Using and an rebozo.

For some reason I believe that our Chiropractor will get the job done! She really knows her stuff and is the more aggressive type :). I’ll be seeing her every other day from this point on.

Time is winding down but I know that God is able… We are looking ahead to our Home Birth!

Until next time!


Stick on Moxa Stick…looks like my foot is smoking a cigarette!


Our little bebe! <3


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