37 Weeks: Breech Baby Update

Well… I admit I’m not feeling too chipper. I’m sure that was obvious during my visit today with my Midwife, I attempted to put on a happy face but with so many variables at play with only a few weeks until I’m due… I can’t help it.

Where We are Now

Baby is still breech and I’ve been seeing a wonderful Webster Certified Chiropractor every other day for about a week now and I have full confidence in her.

I thought I knew what to expect from her after watching a few You Tube videos but NOPE…Dr. Mullin is in a league of her own.


So even though I’m finally working to correct my pelvic issues, which we hope will allow baby more space to get his flip on; since I’m 37 weeks, NOW is the best time for me to have External Cephalic Version. I’m scheduled for THIS weekend at Atlanta Medical Center with Dr. Bootstaylor who is wonderful, from what I’ve heard, we’ve only met once.

It’s all happening so quickly and is bitter-sweet; I HATE hospitals for any reason. I know that it’s a relatively simple out patient procedure and I will be SO relieved if baby turns…but I still HATE hospitals.

Honestly I feel like my entire Home Birth plan is falling apart one piece at a time.

Until Saturday at 11am, we will continue to do everything we can from home to get little man to turn.

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