Hello Mr. 2013!!

It’s the last day of 2012! Just the THOUGHT of a NEW year sends shivers up my spine! Good shivers that is; Jubilant joy!
I feel like I’m preparing for a blind date! I’ve been doing things like revamping my non-existent beauty regimen, picking up little treasures that I can wear on my date with Mr. 2013, i cant wait for him to arrive! I’m, day dreaming of the moment ill get to meet him…ahhh 2013!!!! Swoon

2012 was harsh… Abusive even. It was a year that taught me that PLANS are just that…plans. Nothing more nothing less.

I relate 2012 to the guy you date that can be a real jerk, but gives you amazing gifts to make up for it. Gifts like a home and a baby and a car. 2012 was a very fruitful for DH and I, but from my point of view the suffering was real.

Once we purchased our “dream home” this past spring; aka the home you are “supposed” to want after you get married… The house that everyone says you NEED to be happy and raise a family!

I quickly discovered that I hated it and our new neighborhood. I feel very blessed to have our home, but I don’t need a huge home. I love small quaint cozy spaces, and I much prefer a large city park over a backyard of our own. I desperately miss our quaint studio apartment in the city. What’s crazier is that even after almost a year I find myself referring to our old apartment as home. I often tell people that its like someone drugged me just before closing and had me sign the papers. There where a few months that I was just down (for lack of better words). We bought our home in April of 2012 and it was on the market by August 2012. We had a horrible experience with our agent(S) we had 3; and decided to take the house off the market. DH and I were even in the process of buying a small condo just to get back to the city. That was an EPIC fail. We prayed that God would shut the door if for any reason we shouldn’t buy… And HE did!

Well… Mr. 2013 is taking me back to the city this spring šŸ˜‰ we will be renting our house! I sit back and day dream of taking LO on strolls and picnics through the park this spring. I believe he will love being a city baby!

2012 got me pregnant… With a 10 month subscription to morning all-day sickness!
Mr. 2013 will give me my BABY and thankfully my subscription will expire. Although I have had the “what if” thought of the sickness never going away! I’m currently 38 weeks along and trying to wean myself from taking any anti-nausea meds (half of a Unisom) but have had a few close calls… Just so you know vomiting is not fun but the constant feeling of nausea is worse!

2012 also bought me a new car. We had no choice my two door wasn’t going to cut it. Our Britax B-Safe carrier seems to be larger than other infant car seats out there; I have no complaints here. We traded in our old Honda Accord and now we have a 4 door Toyota Camry Hybrid. Lower monthly payments AND less spent on gas each month!

This lovely extra padding 2012 gave to me 40 pounds of baby fat and a partridge in a pear tree!!!
2013 will take it away from ME!!! I already have a long list of stroller friendly 5k’s that DH baby and I will be participating in this Spring (DH doesn’t know about this yet)!

So what am I looking forward to most in 2013…

1. Meeting my Son (I’m due on January 11th)
2. Becoming a mom
3. Moving back to the city
4. Losing this weight
5. Regaining my health
6. Being and feeling alive again

Don’t get me wrong I am very thankful to have been so blessed during 2012. Especially when so many can’t say the same, but I am welcoming 2013 with open arms!!

So, What are you looking forward to most in 2013?

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