Two-gether Alone: A Christmas Eve for Two

This year DH and I will be spending Christmas alone…together. I am “officially” due 2 weeks after Christmas and travel is not an option. We told our families to stay put and come to visit once baby has made his arrival. We didn’t think it made since for them to come for Christmas and then come right back so soon after. This isn’t the first year that we’ve spent to holidays alone…just the two of us; and just because it is the two of us doesn’t mean that I don’t want it to be a Christmas to remember!

DH turns into a big kid during the holidays, I often find him smiling at me for no reason, (which honestly is a little freaky) just because Christmas is almost here. He and our LO will have lots of fun together. This year even though we made a few large purchases (including my “mommy car” DH will be posting about that soon) and decided that we wouldn’t buy gifts for each other; I decided to pick up a few small (and I do mean small) gifts for DH so that he would have a few things to open on Christmas morning. YES, I am a sweet heart!

See...I want kidding about SMALL gifts ;)

See…I wasn’t kidding about SMALL gifts 😉

First things first. CHRISTMAS EVE!!

In my opinion this is the pinnacle of the entire holiday! Christmas Eve, the time when anticipation builds; this is when families go to church services together, bake cookies, track Santa, read the Christmas Story to their little ones and are safely tucked inside their homes sheltered from the cold. In my family Christmas morning was always a low key event. DH on the other hand Christmas morning is the main event. We will need to find a balance for our own family.

I’m not sure why but once Christmas day arrives I feel like the Holiday is over. Christmas Eve is so cozy and magical.

20121222-205809.jpgHow we will celebrate.

We will spend the evening in front of the fire; sipping Trader Joe’s Spiced Apple Cider (which is amazing!!!), Baking cookies…eating cookies and Greg will be sipping Mead Wine with mulling spices, also from Trader Joe’s. All while watching and or listening to anything Christmas related!

Our "matching" Pet name mugs filled with steaming cider. GG & Bunches Malone :)

Our “matching” Pet name mugs filled with steaming cider. GG & Bunches Malone 🙂

I’ve decided that this year we will even eat our Christmas dinner on Christmas eve.

Last but not least we will turn our focus to Jesus, remembering that He is the reason.

In preparation for Christmas morning I’ll prep this Christmas Breakfast Casserole. I’m on the look out for the perfect go to Christmas breakfast that will become my staple. One that’s easy and can be prepped the night before.

I can see it now… One day our little one will come home from college and beg his good ole mom for her Christmas casserole 😉

The recipe seems easy enough and with 4.5 star and over 800 reviews I think its a safe place to begin.

Christmas Morning

We will rise when ever our internal clocks alarm.These days it pretty early, I’m usually starving and in need of a bath room break. It amazes me how DH can just hop out of bed at a moments notice, without thinking about it. He knows when a pregnant woman that’s suffering from morning sickness needs her food… she NEEDS her food; he’s gotten good practice for baby throughout my pregnancy 😉

Other than popping the pre-prepped casserole into the oven, and opening gifts (that’s if they don’t get opened the night before). We will be relaxing and waiting expectantly for our LO to arrive…

…and that’s our Christmas Eve for Two

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