My Top 10: What Excites Me Most About Becoming a Stay at Home Mom!

Reasons to become a stay at home momThere are many things that excite me about becoming a Stay at Home Mom.  This is my narrowed down top 10 list.

1. The Challenge.

I already know that being a mom will present an entirely new set of challenges into my life, and I honestly look forward to it. I know that each challenge will teach me and develop me into a better, stronger and wiser woman.

2. The Challenge of Living Happily with Less.

I’m not sure why but this sounds like fun to me. Seeing how far we can stretch a dollar and learning to be content with less. I think it’s because we will be making adjustments to our life because we WANT to, not because we HAVE to. Knowing that our family is gaining something that money could never buy doesn’t hurt either.

3. Having the Opportunity to Get to Know and Care For My Son.

My mother HAD to work, she was a single parent and we didn’t see my dad often. Although we spoke with him often. I never felt particularly close to either parent. Looking back I think I felt like I simply existed… I was dropped into a family and was holding a place. I will have the chance to really get to know our son, to let him know that he’s important, to be close to him and there for him, to provide stability in his little world.

4. Not having to split my energy between work and home.

Simply put… After a long day at work there is no way that I could come home and give my best and all to my family the way I’d like to. They would inevitably be getting my left overs, while my job outside the home got my best. That’s just doesn’t seem right. I heard our pastor say that there are thousands of people who can do my job/be me outside the home, but only one that can do my job at home. He applied this to both men and women when it came to prioritization.

5. Actually doing what I feel I was made to do.

I’ve NEVER been career driven. I went to college and did well simply to get away from my mom aka independence. Don’t get me wrong I have had a nagging desire to do something BIG and important in life. Just ask DH, I’ve had SO many grand ideas that I was sure would be IT! Only to lose that excitement within a few weeks. Kind of like all the diets I’ve started and soon after stopped. I now realize that this could be IT! I’m already doing something big! I’m a wife and I’m becoming something of great importance… a mom. Both of these things are in my opinion God given gifts. He’s given me perfect instructions on how to get it right! I know that most of society sees being a wife and mom as “givens”, nothing special but I beg to differ! I truly believe that this is my passion!

5. Being there for all of his firsts even the most insignificant ones (of course to me none of them will be insignificant).

Little man will be our first child. There isn’t one thing that I want to miss not one. I don’t want anyone else telling me he did something new, I want to see it for myself!! Enough said 🙂

6. Taking advantage of being his biggest influence before his peers take over.

Before he starts school I want to take advantage of being the most influential person in his life. I want to give him a good foundation to take with him.

7. Giving him the family I never had.

I think it is safe to say that we all what our children to have a better life than we did, even if we had a relativity great life. There is always something you may want to do a little differently.

8. Taking advantage of the random teachable moments that arise each and everyday.

I’ve learned from working will little ones that there are always random things that come up that can be used as teachable moments that can be used to teach and guide them without having to have a formal sit down discussion. I look forward to those moments with him!

9. Learning and experiencing life from the point of view of a child.

Children are so innocent and see the world in a very refreshing way. I imagine that I see the world through dingy foggy eyes, but a child… I imagine they have a vivid clear colorful view! I can’t wait to tap into that!

10. Investing my life into something that will have Eternal Significance.

This is a big one for me. As Christian we know that life doesn’t end here on this earth. We will live for all eternity. Investing my life in my family will never loose its benefit. Guiding him on a path to know Jesus will always have significance. I’m working for The Lord!

Advantages of Being a Stay at Home Mom

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