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VainMommy Review: Black Freshwater Pearls…I Can Wear Them Too!

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing these babies!
FullSizeRender12_zpsec5ceea1They are Black Freshwater Button Pearl Earrings from Pearl & Clasp. I have always had a preconceived idea of pearls. I thought they were for the classy, well behaved, old-fashioned,  and well . . . older women. See below


First lady Michelle Obama and former first lady Jackie O looking elegant in pearls. Photo Credit:

And well, I didn’t really see myself as any of the above (conceded much?). I’ve never felt that pearls looked “right” on me either. When I attempted to wear them they stuck out like a sore thumb. So naturally I was a bit hesitant to give them a try–again.

I was given the choice of white, pink or black pearl earrings. I chose black and that made me feel a bit more comfortable, because they aren’t your traditional or typical white pearls. After wearing them for a few days they grew on me.

Why I Love These Pearls!

  1. They look pretty good on me–I think!? I was right in the middle of moving when I received my pearls and tried them on right away, so it’s not the best picture.
  2. They are affordable, at $24 a pair for the basic to well over $500.
  3. They are versatile– I believe black pearls can be paired with pretty much anything without looking out of place. I wear them in my uniform (mommy play-date clothes) or to church (I would say on date night –but when was the last time that happened. HA!).  It’s nice to step outside of my comfort zone of lovely gold hoops, and if you have read my blog you know that 2014 is the year of  stepping out of comfort!
  4. For some reason pearls scream romance and femininity, and help to round out my, sharp edges. While preserving a little edge, thanks to the black iridescent color  🙂

Raivon Lee Black Pearl Earrings

Why I Love These Pearls Not So Much

There is only one reason–Duh! They aren’t Vegan. 🙁 My mother in law knows EVERYTHING about gemstones. While she was in town helping us move I asked her about pearls and she reminded me of the obvious, which were that:

  1. They aren’t Vegan
  2. Freshwater pearls are basically farmed or cultured

We try our best not to purchase anything, that anything had to die or be killed for. Even sea creatures. Since I am a strict vegetarian when I wear pearls in the future they will be vegan (faux) pearls. Who knows, maybe Pearl & Clasp will come out with a vegan pearl line! I’d be the first to buy! hint hint 😉

Oh! Pearl & Clasp have some amazing clasps, that allow you to add your own style to your pearls.Pearls & ClaspWhile I am still unsure if pearls are my thing, I realize that It’s not the pearls that made me think “old lady” it was the way the pearls were \worn. Check out these hot young women rocking pearls!


Lets me see how you wear your pearls in a non-traditional way! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Matthew 13:45 (NLT)

45 “Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant on the lookout for choice pearls.



Drools & Reviews

VainMommy Review Update: Hippo Hopp

I wrote a review on Hippo Hopp Indoor Playground a few weeks back. Greg and I took Ari to Hippo Hopp on a particularly hot day to get his wiggles out.

And much to my surprise . . . seriously . . . I was surprised. They made a few improvements!

In my original review the ONLY things that I “complained” of were that the “no shoes” policy wasn’t strictly enforced and that “I wasn’t exactly excited to walk in their restroom with my socks on”. Oh and that there was carpet, but . . .

Look what I saw when we walked in!


Now it maybe a total coincidence, but I’d like to think that Hippo Hopp actually cares about what their customers want and say!

And to that I say. . .


Drools & Reviews

Swaddling: Sack, Strap or Suit?

swaddle review

I am happy to announce that finally, Ari no longer needs to be restrained to sleep! For the first five to six months of his life he could NOT sleep with out being swaddled. He would wake up himself multiple times, by knocking himself in the face, rubbing his eyes or startling himself.

We tried many different swaddling “devices” and I’ll share with you, which of the four is my favorite. We did attempt to  swaddle him with a normal swaddle blanket, but every time Ari would wake for a feeding (which was often) he needed to be re-swaddled and he thought it was time to play– That wasn’t ok.

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Drools & Reviews

THE Best Sun Hat

Sun HatIt’s that time of year, when shade is not a luxury, but a necessity! Especially here in Atlanta. When there is no shade you’ve got to bring your own. Sun protection is especially important for our little ones, and I’ve found the perfect hat to provide the protection my babe needs. Sunday Afternoons Play Hat. Ok, let’s stop right there. That name, had me at hello. We all know what a good lazy Sunday afternoon is like. Sitting with a nice icy lemonade, in your rocking chair hearing the playful chatter of the kids playing in the distance.

I digress.

Why I LOVE, Sunday Afternoons Play Hat: Read More »

Drools & Reviews

Vain Mommy Drools: Why not New Year Cards Instead?

1Everyone sends Christmas cards… It’s a given… It’s predictable. Why not be different. Although I’m a self professed introvert I love to stand out in an non-extroverted way. Sending New Years Cards is one way to do it!

DH and I didn’t get around to sending Christmas cards this year. I thought that once little one arrives which should be within 2 weeks of Christmas we would then send out adorable Birth Announcements also from Tiny Prints, but I’m reconsidering doing a New Year… Birth Announcement combo; or maybe both?!

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