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Fighting Depression with Fitness

I’ve been a long time “fitness chaser” or someone who would do anything to be skinny. It started back in middle school… The unhealthy ways trying to starve myself skinny, it continued into high school. I tried any crash diet I saw in a magazine,  bought all the infomercial gadgets I could afford on my little YMCA salary. Always striving. Always failing. Never happy and never reaching my goal.

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Bikini Prep: Trusting Yourself. Trusting the Process

#TheStruggleIsReal #JustSaying

Here it is roughly three weeks into April and I am just about ready to rethink my aspiration of becoming a NPC Bikini Competitor.

Some days I wake up and look in the mirror and feel like a freaking rock star. Other Most days I hate what the mirror says back to me and I want to eat one dozen glazed doughnuts and never step foot in the gym again!

The evidence is right here. I posted this to my FB wall last night…Giving Up

But, I think I am finding my groove and hopefully by May I will have a plan that works for me nailed down. That will give me 12 weeks until show time!

I have to remind myself to trust the process, trust the work that I do each and every day… Just TRUST it!

We have all heard this before…

There’s no one size fits all… blah blah blah!

It sucks. Its true.

No one wants to hear it. I just want to search Pinterest find a plan and be done with it!

But actually there is beauty in taking the time to get to know my very own body and it has been time well spent.

It has taken me at least a month to try different ways of eating, different workout plans and splits, different approaches to cardio; LISS vs HIIT . . . How much cardio is enough etc etc.

It is also important to looks at what YOUR body needs. For example I have tooth pick calves, they need lots of work so I work them more often and with heavy weights. I have to be careful with my thighs because they are large already so I try to not go over board with exercises that focus on them (but I’m still trying to figure this out).

Guess what the best part is… as my body changes my needs will change and everything that I’ve learned over the past month will have to be adjusted.

Bodybuilding is an art-form for sure!

This is what I am doing now:


(I will be posting a detailed version of my training and diet in the near future)

Monday:Upper Body & Cardio

Tuesday: Lower Body

I take a B.A.T (Buns Abs & Thighs) Class in the AM and I lift with hubby in the evenings

Wednesday: Cardio

Thursday: Upper & cardio

Friday: Lower & Cardio

Saturday: Off or Cardio

Sunday: Off

Diet. If you call it that…

I was trying to do a typically bodybuilding diet eat 6 times a day etc. etc. but it made me pudgy and fat. I was literally force feeding myself! So now my diet is..

Eat Clean – Eat Consciously – Eat More Protein… Period!

I am on day three of clean-ciously eating and already see results! They say Abs are made in the kitchen… I say they are made away from the kitchen when you aren’t stuffing your face constantly because some meal plan said you should 🙂

I do drink protein shakes… growing muscles need more than I was getting from my vegan-ish diet. I’ll share the powders I use below

I use rules from Bethenny Frankel’s book Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting
and they really help me so much.

She “tells” me how to eat what I already eat and not WHAT to eat. If someone tells me what to eat ill eat the opposite just because. Hell, I’m vegetarian and If i’m told I HAVE to eat veggies I’d probably eat meat…. it’s psychological for sure!

VainMommy’s Vegan Superfood Protein Shake

Blend blend blend. Add ice to a glass or bottle or just blend in right on into the shake.  I put mine in my Contigo Water Bottle it keeps it cold for 18 hours!!

But it never lasts that long. We all know nothing is worse than lukewarm protein.

Why rice and pea protein? I read here that it is a vegans whey protein and whey is supposed to be the best at building muscle.

This is me after eating a plan NOT made specially for my body!VainMommy Bikini Prep Before I am so disappointed… I really thought that I looked good y’all. I was even smiling! SHM. I was bloated holding on to tons of water and just “fat” in my honest opinion. When I trusted myself during my transformation back in Dec I looked 100 times better than here!


12 Week Transformation Results

Progress pics are a must . . . unfortunately I choose to share mine with the world.

I keep you all updated and expect to see a progress pic on May 1st

Fit Mommy

You’re What We Call Skinny Fat…

That’s me. Skinny fat. I prefer to emphasize the word SKINNY!

I met with a local NPC Bikini Competition Prep Coach/Trainer earlier this week and stood before him in heels, booty shorts, as he called them and a sports bra. Because I don’t currently own a bikini…go figure?!

He told me the I have great “potential” to be a bikini competitor, I have great bone structure BUT I’m what they call skinny fat and they would need to get a lot of muscle on my body before I could hit the stage in August.

No offense was taken at all. Because, it’s true!

I am skinny fat… and I’ll take that because my entire life (from my perspective)  I’ve been FAT FAT! so SKINNY FAT is progress in my opinion! He also informed me of his pricing for competition prep.

$600 for three months: a training plan and nutrition plan.

I believe that I will forego that path currently. There is so much FREE information online that I am going to try my best to piece together a plan that will be effective for me … physically and financially.

I will be attending his posing workshops though. Posing is a big deal and I will not pass on his expertise in that area as well as competition day support. I will feel so much better having someone there who knows what the heck is going on!

I will be posting before pictures at the beginning of April.

Currently I am trying to nail down a training plan and figure out what my diet will be. “Diet” has always been tricky for me because I have the tendency to get a bit obsessive when it comes to counting calories carbs etc and I hope I can somehow avoid that all together.

We shall see!

Fit Mommy

Center Stage: The Trouble Saying Yes Is Getting Me Into

It’s 2015. Well into 2015. My new year resolution was to simply say YES.
Say yes to life, to opportunities that come my way, say yes to my scary dreams and aspirations, say yes to the little voice that says “just try it Raivon, you know you want too.”

And guess what, this is one new year resolution that I’ve stuck with. So far 😉

I’ve always thought that I was shy and maybe even had a touch social anxiety, but I’m finding that I really crave the spot light. Or should I say I thrive and come alive in the spot light.

The majority of my life I have been hiding in fear of myself, fear of the judgment of others, fear of failure etc etc.

Since becoming a mom my fear factor has slowly fallen away. I attribute that to postpartum depression. When we go to the pits of hell with whatever struggle we face. We come back stronger with a totally different perspective on life. Don’t you agree?

I came back fearless and honestly craving that rush that saying yes to life gives.

So what “trouble” has saying yes gotten me into?

A friend suggested that I audition for the Listen To Your Mother Show {tickets on sale now! Follow the link} It’s a show of live readings from moms that is held around mothers day. When she said “you’d be great for this” I thought “oh crap!” Because I knew I was going to have to say yes. I owed it to my self!

I wrote my essay in one sitting. Signed up to audition. Auditioned. And about a week later I received the most exciting email of my life.

I … me … Raivon was cast with 12 other fantastic women! Many who are published authors {there are no coincidences ;)}

The best part is… I am not nervous. I feel like I am living the life that I was made to live. It feels like something I am supposed to do and I am honored to do!

Now for the BIGGEST trouble YES is about to get me into.

Late last year while participating in a 12 week transformation I shared that I used to obsess over fitness models and competitors. The thirst was real {did I use that that correctly? LOL} Well now I have a crazy urge to quench that thirst and become a NPC Bikini Competitor.

Crazy I know.

But it just feels like its something I have to do! I have to say YES! There is a competition here in the Atlanta area 4 days after my 30th birthday. And… I — think — Ima — do it ….

Y’all, I don’t even own a swim suit…

I have always been my own source of pain. I’ve allowed my body (image) to tear me down, lock me in and cause me to miss out on life.

In my 30th year I’m going to change ALL of that! I am going to boldly be Ravion, love Raivon, share Raivon with not only the world but with myself.

I’m taking me back!

Living a life in fear gets pretty confusing, it’s been like living with a stranger.

So for all of you who know me, I have not lost my mind … I’ve simply found myself.

I plan to document my journey to becoming a NPC Bikini Competitor so stay tuned!

I still can’t believe it!

Say YES y’all!! 

Fit Mommy, Fulfilled Living

12 Week Transformation Results!

You may remember me mentioning that I was participating in a 12 Week Body Transformation. Well I did it and here are my results AND the require 500 word “story” the was to be submitted! I must say I am really proud of myself even though I did not officially win. I’m amzzzed to see what I can do when I put my mind to it… it is all about the mind!

My No Excuse Mom 12 Week  Mind Transformation

“This transformation was not about my body. The way it looks, or what I could get it to do — THIS was about the power of my mind; how it looks at life & what it is capable of doing.”
When I embarked on this journey, my sole focus was my body. I took an unhealthy dose of willpower & set my goals.
It didn’t take long for me to realize that this had little to do with transforming physically. The transformation I needed & experienced was mental; which has produced lasting results that penetrate all areas of my life.
“Don’t train the body, train the mind: then the body will have no choice but to follow.”       

  -Me! Raivon Lee
Initially I attempted to run on will-power. If you are anything like me will-power is not a reliable fuel. I often found myself stranded on the sofa, cake stuffed in my mouth, not exercising & falling into my old unhealthy patterns.


I needed greater motivation to meet my goals. There had to be a better way to produce lasting change in my life.


Pleasing God: The Only Motivation Needed

Faith was key for me. In all of my actions towards a fit healthy body there was one question I began asking myself. “Will this Glorify God”…

Will eating this entire piece of cake glorify God? Will skipping this workout… Will plaguing myself with guilt?
How did I know if something glorified God? One evening I had the answer! I have an innate sense of right & wrong – good & bad – productive or destructive. We all do. We feel when something is wrong & more times than not that “something” does not glorify God.
Once my focus was shifted from my own will-power to God’s will & power my journey had greater significance. I was held to a higher level of accountability than ever before. I accomplish things I NEVER thought possible.
Like what? I’m glad you asked!

  • Running a sub 30 min 5k!
  • Fitting into size 4 jeans! I was size 8 pre-pregnancy.
  • Having a perkier booty
  • Waking up BEFORE my toddler to workout. Say what???  

Last but not least

Finding the courage to wean myself from antidepressants during week 9!

I will  never forget week 9. I am on cloud nine! I beat Postpartum Depression! I have no words only tears of joy.  I am certain that fitness &  nutrition played a role in my recovery. They are my new drugs of choice. They HAVE to be. Along with Faith.
I met goals that I didn’t even know I had. No Excuse Mom has reminded me that I have NO excuse. There is no reason for me not to live as & be a perfect child of God to radiate for all to see.

No. Excuse!

Becoming a mom is a catalyst that will make you better if you allow it!
In 12 weeks I have grown immeasurably in every aspect of my life. Thank you Maria for this powerful movement!
The Best,

Raivon Lee

Fit Mommy

No Excuse Mom 12 Week Transformation Contest: Before Pictures

transformation weightloss

I am stepping out and doing something I have NEVER done before. Posting pictures of myself  for others to see and judge. I have decided to participate in the No Excuse Mom 12 week Transformation Contest. Back in the day I used to secretly want to be a fitness model. I frequented and ate like a body builder which only made me gain weight because I was in no way lifting like a body builder. There is something enticing about fitness models. They aren’t just pretty faces; you can see their dedication and work in the form of their toned bodies.

Fitness Model Jamie Eason

Fitness Model Jamie Eason

Which . . . I guess you could say the same about runway models because they have to stay thin but that could be genetic. Having a toned body isn’t generally “genetic”. . . and since I will most likely never be that thin I’m more drawn to fitness modeling. With that being said, I’m looking at this as my first fitness competition! I have nothing to lose, but fitness and health to gain. Coincidentally the 12 week transformation coincides with my training for the Move for Moms! 5k. Talk about “killing” two birds with one stone!

Winners will be judged by Maria Kang and a NEM panel. Criteria will be based upon: 40% Transformation 30% Personal Story 30% Participation

My Personal Fitness Goals:

  • Gain Muscle especially in my hindquarters. I didn’t have much back there to start with 🙂 but pregnancy took care of the little I did have.
  • Control When I eat. I allow myself to eat anything I want while eating as healthy as possible, my issue is WHEN I eat. Instead of eating when I am bored, sad, depressed or tired I’d like to view food as something that sustains my life not something that comforts me.
  • Build Endurance. Complete the Move For Moms! 5k in 30 minutes or less.

frontbackside My husband doesn’t think that I have enough room for improvement to win, which is kind of him but I’d love to prove him wrong! I plan to keep you all updated along the way. The competition ends on November 24 2014!


Fit Mommy