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Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

YOUR Story Matters! Whatever it is — Share IT!

In the days leading up to the Atlanta Listen To Your Mother Show (LTYM), I found myself wondering…

“Why the heck am I doing this to myself”…

I hate public speaking… Gosh, I didn’t couldn’t even walk down the aisle at my own wedding. I was afraid to share my blog!

What posses me to get up on stage and share the scariest time of my life with strangers?

I’ll tell you why!

I’ll tell you what I reminded myself of, each time those thoughts crept into my head.

“This AINT about you Raivon!

It has nothing to do with me! This is about God using me … to help other women who need to hear what I have to say. ”

I am only a vessel to be used for God’s greater purposes. BAM!

VainMommy Raivon Lee Listen To Your Mother Atlanta

I am always in shock when a sweet mom approaches me…


to say thank you.

Thank ME???

Each and every time I’m literally shocked and humbled that they are thanking ME — for sharing my truth. It brings tears to my eyes.

If that was you last night… thank YOU!

LTYM has turned out to be so much more than I could have ever dreamed! Ever.

Last night it was not about me, it was about US… 13 women who came together to share the beauty, ugliness, messiness and blessings of motherhood … womanhood.

We are forever bonded! How blessed I am.


Today… the morning after LTYM this gift is what I found in my inbox…

“Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that I had the opportunity to see you last night at the LTYM event. I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your story. I had many of the same daydreams which, in reality, turned out very differently. I had 2 children & the depression was significantly worse w/the second. I look back & I wonder how I made it. I never told anyone how very bad it was. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your story.”


THIS is why,

I do — what I do…

This is also why YOU should share your story! If you have been around long enough you have a story that was given to you and it WILL bless someones life. SHARE it!

Much Love, Raivon

Fulfilled Living, Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Paying It Forward: What More Can I Do #PPD

It wasn’t for nothing that I was taken to the pits of hell after my son was born. I have been blessed with several really awesome opportunities to share my story, give advice and I’d like to think I’ve given hope to moms when they’ve needed it most.

And just maybe I have inadvertently offered understanding to those who may have been ignorant to the most common complication of childbirth — Postpartum Depression (PPD).

But I cant help but think, “What more am I called to do?” Maybe it is because of the flash of recent vain-ness as I train to compete in a bikini fitness contest ?


Last night while in bed…

It takes me years to fall asleep these days and even when I do I dream so vividly that I really wouldn’t call it sleep at all, but I digress.

… Last night while in bed I had an overwhelming urge to do MORE and decided to search online to find out what more I could do with my PPD experience .

Could advocacy become a career?

I know for sure that God always has plans to turn our greatest suffering into something extraordinarily beautiful and I’m not going to over look any opportunity to work with the big man Himself.

I have an undeniable gnawing feeling in my gut that there is more for me to do. So much more!

I don’t know what is next but I have just realized my responsibility to women everywhere….

For now I plan to educate myself on all things PPD. I found a number of books on the subject on amazon. I must admit that reading those titles sent a wave of anxiety over me… Made me feel sick.
I guess I’ll always have a bit of PTSD from my experience. It always surprises me when those familiar heavy feelings sneak up on me.

All I know is that I’ve got work to do!! Some way some how.

If you or someone you know is suffering feel free to reach out to me!

Until next time Ill be figuring out what more I can do! 🙂
~Raivon Lee~

Fulfilled Living, Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

I Beat Postpartum Depression: Life After Zoloft

Sharing the picture of MY pill bottle with MY medication inside is much harder than I expected.  I had postpartum depression and have been very vocal about it, but something about this picture makes it real and true? I feel exposed. As sad as it is, mental health stigma is real, even against myself. . .

 Zoloft for PPD

UPDATE 2017: I originally hit publish on the post in 2014. I have BEAT postpartum depression! Much to my surprise I have had a second child, a sweet baby girl! BUT — I have continued Zoloft. It was a choice made by my body as I also have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). Yay! I have an illness that is managed with medication. I don’t consider it a failure to NEED to treat my depression with medication because I am living a wonderfully happy fulfilled life, that I am able to fully participate in. A life that I did not think was possible. Just know that if medication is whats working for you. That is OK! You are winning!

Wow. Today is a day that I will never forget. I am 1 year 9 months and 26 days postpartum. I began treatment for Postpartum Depression & Anxiety in July of 2013.


Today, is the first day that I have not felt the “need” to take Sertraline (Zoloft).

Over the past 12-ish weeks I have become intensely in tune with my body. Possibly to a fault.

On week 9 of the 12 Week Body Transformation there was an undeniable shift. I just knew I was ready to move toward the next step of recovery from this beast and wean myself from medication.

I wont lie I did experience glimmers of fear. A bunch of “what if’s” flooded my mind, but just like I knew Ari was ready for Pre-School I just knew I was ready to take this BIG step as well. Read More »

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Running for Mental Health — Move For Moms! 5k 2014 Atlanta

No Excuse Moms 5K Run Training

I finally have a reason to run! I’ve always wanted to be a runner, and rock those sexy runners legs but never really had the motivation to stick with it. But now that has changed!

I am training for the Move For Moms! 5k. It’s a 5k that will promote Maternal Mental Health — and if you have been hanging around here long enough you know that I’m ALL about raising awareness for Mental Health — Illness —Postpartum Depression and the like!

I’m on week 3 of the Galloway 5k training plan. For once instead of having the all-or-nothing attitude I am actually taking it slow and following the plan to a T!

I recently had the honor of hosting a “morning jog” with my No Excuse Mom group here in Atlanta. I was nervous because I have never hosted ANYTHING! And I am in no way a fitness expert, but it was more about moms getting together and supporting each other. And that we did!

If you are in Atlanta why not join in on the fun and run for a great cause . . . and get fit in the process?

Also exercise is a great way to cope with depression. Runners high anyone? 🙂

You can find out more about Project Healthy Moms on Twitter and at Move For Moms!

P.S. The race starts at 10 a.m. They know what they are doing 😀

Fit Mommy, Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Ignorance is Bliss: Choosing to Remain Ignorant for my Own Good

I wrote this several days ago. Although I am no longer feeling this way now I though I’d share it anyway.

I can’t scroll my Facebook news-feed without feeling like I’m in the middle of a stampede; constantly being bombarded with news that hits me in the gut leaving me breathless.

So I’m choosing to remain ignorant and maybe then, I will find bliss.

I am an extremely empathetic person. Definitely to a fault. Especially for those with out a voice.

Why is it that everything that is related to me seems to be controversial.

Depression — Robin Williams’ death and hearing people voice that depression is a choice

CircumcisionWe didn’t have Ari circumcised and I’ve read many story of sweet baby boys being in pain because their parents didn’t know any other way. It hurts my heart so badly!

Race — Micheal Brown being killed, and the divide that has been exacerbated.

Breastfeeding — I just participate in The Big Latch On. I see things in the news about nursing in public being some crazy controvesey. It just gets to me!

Innocent Babies being born with horrible diseases like Epidermiysis Bullosa, like my Ellie!

Being Vegetarian – stories of animal abuse . . . I cant take it

This is what I HAD to walk away from. I couldn’t take anymore.

Of course I know I have an option — I subject myself to these stories by liking the pages but, I want more than anything to be informed and do what I can to help all suffering beings, but it is killing me.

My heart hurts so badly.

I’ve been feeling a heaviness the last couple of days. Hoping that it is only in my head, praying that it isn’t postpartum depression. I’m hoping that it’s nothing more than ovulation returning, which means I get to add the roller coaster ride of PMS to the mix.

Regardless, I can’t deny that dark familiar cloud hovering just above my head. But my logic says if I keep walking fast enough maybe — maybe I will out run it.

This is my hope…

The Future Glory Romans 8 (NLT)

[18] Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Motivational Monday: What Keeps Me Vocal

Happy Motivational Monday!
I just want to share with you all what motivates me to continue sharing my experience with PPD/A (Postpartum Depression and Anxiety). I often wonder if I share too often or if I’m getting on your nerves with all the depression and anxiety talk.

Below is an email I received from a mom that is also surviving PPA.

She is why I am so vocal . . . even if I get eye-rolls and deep breathes from 1000 people that are sick of hearing my story, it’s all worth it to know that buy simply opening my mouth I helped one person out there.

“I was at TBLO on Saturday (kind of fell behind the crowd on purpose) and saw your post about your blog. I’ve suffered with PPD since having my 1st son and now it has been brought to an ugly, ugly head in the last 7 months. I also noticed my anxiety starting up almost immediately after coming home from the hospital. I’ve struggled with guilt, with self pity, and with feeling like an absolute bother to everyone around me. I’ve felt like I make no sense and like I can’t possibly be worth anything to anyone. I’m also a Christian. I feel like everyone treats me like a plague and that I can just “pray it away” and get over it. After reading your blog post about Saturday, I explored your blog. I’m encouraged by you. I’m not sure what my next steps are as a nursing mom, but I can at least know that others are fighting my similar battle and winning. Thank you for being so open.”

This sweet Mom eventually sought help and went on to say  . . .

“Thank you again Raivon! . . . I know it’s so weird for me to come out of left field but you really gave me that extra push I needed. God knows what we need or who we need right when we need it. He’s seldom early and never late, just always right on time.”

Now if that isn’t motivation for me to keep going, then I am not human — and you should be VERY afraid 🙂

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety