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I’m a mom. A stay at home mom. A mom that will be homeschooling very soon. Needless to say, I spend a ton of time with my little people. The best little people in the world, if I say so myself!

Date Night Idea

BUT I’m also a WOMAN, and a WIFE!

At least once a month Hubby and I schedule a date night. I am able to embrace being a WOMAN… actually taking the time to slip into something other than my mommy uniform (black everything, leggings, mystery stained t-shirts and — maternity undies. TMI?).

When these opportunities to be, Raivon and Greg the married couple present themselves, we don’t take them for granted. We create memories. 


small things quotes

How can you make date night better before it even begins?

It’s as simple as this.

Request a night out with your honey using an invitation. You heard me right.

Don’t just say, “hey wanna go grab a bite to eat?” Instead design a “formal” invitation and send it by email, mail, or hand deliver.

You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t be smitten if you received an invitation from your someone special, inviting you to spend quality time together! Even if it’s dinner at home or movie night?!

Time Alone With Someone You Love IS a Big Deal

Think about this, all great events begin with a formal invitation: weddings, showers, birthdays… Why can’t we hold purposefully planned time with our significant other, to that same level?

Now that we have children and because of our parenting style, our time ALONE is rare — making that time priceless. Even if we simply sit together on the sofa and say nada.

Depending on our plans, I create fun, beautiful, trendy, classy, even designer {think Oscar de la renta} invitations. I only use PaperlessPost and opt for an electronic invitation most of the time. That’s still formal-ish right? These aren’t the typical email invitations that you maybe thinking of. Take a look for yourself.

By all means go the extra mile and send a paper invitation instead of the online option. Especially, ideal for anniversaries etc.

What I’m Trying To Say Is…

Spending time with the man I love, is worthy of a little extra effort. We are making memories and will be able to look back on each invitation and remember a wonderful time together.

AND! After 10 years together the little extra, goes a long way 🙂
Date Night

Remember, what we do today, will be a memory tomorrow — make it special!
How do you make the little things count?


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