The Day My Toddler Said The N-Word: For The First Time

I remember it like it was yesterday… well because it was. October 27th 2014.

Throughout the day I thought I heard Ari say the N-word. But there are lots of things I think he says that of course he doesn’t, so I didn’t think much of it.

Until later in the day… there was no denying it.

I was talking to my mom on the phone and she asked to speak to Ari. I called him over and he trotted to me — cheeks giggling with every step. I place the phone to his face and he said it!

He said it. With force. He said it with passion. He said it with a head swing!

My sweet boy said NO. He said NO and he meant it!

Things suddenly got real. My heart broke. My God, he is his own person …

Now begins a lifetime ahead of power struggles my baby is growing up.

I pray that I can support his will and his independence as he embarks on this next phase of life :(.

I’m such a sap — I know…

That. Is. All.

Do you remember when your toddler first said no?

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