Vain Mommy Drools! Our 2012 Ornament

Nope, my little man won’t be the only one you hear about drooling; I drool… and quite often I must admit. There are just something’s I can’t help but salivate over! DH and I have made it a tradition to buy a personalized ornament for our Christmas tree that represents an event that took place during the past year. Well this year we are pregnant!

I looked and searched and wasn’t really happy with the cheesy ornaments I was finding. Also many of the ornaments with couples didn’t have a couple that reflected DH and I. So I went to this Etsy Shop and BINGO! There it was this perfect ornament. Very simple,rustic, classic and gets the point across without being overly frilly. I love!

DH also chose this cute little lion (from Target) for our baby boy. His name will be “Ari” which means “Lion”.

Baby Ari’s 1st Ornament!

Just wanted to share đŸ™‚





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