Fall & Winter Stay at Home Mom Wardrobe Essentials {List + Links}

Stay at Home Mom Fall Wardrobe essentials Fall 2017


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Stay at Home Mom Fall Wardrobe essentials Fall 2017


It’s that time of year, one of my favorite seasons, FALL! Not too hot ,not too cold, but juuuuust right. One of the Goldilocks seasons! In my book Fall beats Spring because we are entering a season of rest.

Nothing’s better than curling up on the sofa with a book, a blanket and a mug of warm SPIKED apple cider! Unfortunately, I don’t have many opportunities to sit or read. But notice I didn’t exclude sipping that cider, I make time for that. 😉

As a stay-at-home-mom, rarely am I home. There are errands, parties, classes, sports and play-dates around the city each and every week. If we are home we usually walk the neighborhood or to a nearby park.

All that to say, I have to get dressed every single day, and I am tired of wearing what I call my “mommy uniform”. Black t-shirt and black leggings. Don’t get me wrong I love some leggings but something has to give. Also, I’d like to put half as much effort into my wardrobe as I do my children’s. It’s surprising but I am more than a mom!

So, I’ve put together a list to help build the perfect wardrobe to complement life as a stay-at-home-mom.

 Stay at Home Mom Wardrobe Essentials for Fall

    • Ankle length, stretchy, high-waisted skinny JEANS:
      • Ankle length jeans don’t need to be rolled, look neater and more tailored. I hate jeans that bunch around my ankles. Also they can be worn easily inside of boots.
      • Stretchy because with little ones I bend, reach and squat more than an Instagram booty model. I need to move as freely as possible!
      • High waist because I don’t enjoy showing my “plumbers area” when picking up babies or toys or anything really.

  • Quality LEGGINGS
    • Because, leggings!
    • High waist for tummy control and no muffin top
    • Quality because they won’t stretch out, get baggy or pile






  • Quality T-SHIRTS Long and Short Sleeved
    • Because they are versatile. Dress up or down.
    • Quality so they can survive the many washes they are sure to see.


  • OUTERWEAR: Cardigans, Jackets, Coat
    • I love a Parka. They cinch at the waist which means — cozy and shapely 😉
    • Outerwear pulls a look together effortlessly. You could have the biggest baby food stain or a shirt with holes or no shirt at all —  not a soul would know!
    • You could wear the same pants and top two days in a row, but change your cardi and you have a new look!


  • SHOES:
      • Sneakers (ie. Converse)
      • Slips on flats (ie. Vans)
      • Booties flat casual
      • UGGs or preferably a Vegan alternative 😉
      • Rain Boots


  • Simple ACCESSORIES: 
      • Rose gold watch or my Fitbit which has a rose gold band
      • Nice diaper bag that could pass as a large tote (that bag to the right is under 40 BUCKS!)
      • Shades
      • Scarfs
      • HOOPS!!! I always have a pair of rose gold hoops. These are my favorite and you won’t believe how affordable they are!

Three Wardrobe Tips

Consider your wardrobe an investment. Meaning if you spend a little more up front hopefully you won’t have to replace any pieces for good while.

1) Spend more on jeans & shoes, they get the most wear.

2) Buy more tops than bottoms.

3) Have outerwear and shoes for EVERY type of weather. There have been times when I’m so desperate to get some fresh air that we’ve gone on walks in the rain and had lots of fun!

Theres no bad weather only the wrong clothing 😘

 So, what did I miss? Cause you know — mommy brain!

Happy Fall! XOXO,
Raivon Lee
Vain Mommy

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    April Kitchens
    November 2, 2017 at 9:13 am

    High waist jeans are a must. I’m hoping to pick up a few tops also and I totally wouldn’t mind a new pair of vans.

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