50 FREE Atlanta Area Homeschool Field Trips!

FREE Homeschool Fieldtrips in around Atlanta GA


As a homeschooling mom of little ones, a four and one year old; it seems like most everyday is the perfect day for a field trip! Life as a stay-at-home-life is just so much easier when we aren’t trapped inside all day. A change of scenery helps Ari focus and being in a new environment allows for unlimited discover, learning and fun!

Recently, this great list of Free Atlanta Area Fields Trips was shared with me. USA TEST PREP divides their list into Science, Social Studies and Other. I couldn’t ask for a better resource. I can not believe we have only been to Fernbank Science Center and Dunwoody Nature Center. Maybe I too comfortable dishing out $$$?

Once my children are a little older and nap isn’t a must, we will venture out a bit further from the city.

You can find the full list of Free Fields Trips here on USA TEST PREP’s website .

Do you know of any other free homeschool Field Trips” in and around Atlanta GA? Please Share!

Ari tossing rocks in the creek at Dunwoody Nature Center.

Raivon Lee,
Vain Mommy


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