Why, Sticking to a Keto Diet Can be so Hard! & How to Make it Easier!

It’s 930 pm and I’m shoving cookies down my throat. But let me take you back several hours.

I have had a wonderful low-carb day! So much energy, I didn’t even think of taking a nap (if you know me you know how I feel about naps) and I haven’t been hungry all day!

The Keto is working…

So why is it that all of sudden all I can think about are cookies! I am NOT physically hungry but I want the cookies. I’ve been ignoring the craving for a while now… I even fell asleep but Greg wakes me up because he’s watching Netflix in bed. Guess what? I still want those darn cookies and I can’t think of one good a reason why I shouldn’t have them. I mean yes I’m doing Keto but… I want cookies. So my “wonderful” husband volunteers to go to the store and he comes back with THREE different packs of cookies. He’s a double-edged sword for sure.

Why did this happen? After having a great day keto day, how did I allow “mind hunger” to get the best of me?

Before writing this post, I sat and thought for a while. I know I want to adapt to this way of life. There are so many benefits that I know await me. So why can’t I logically talk myself off the cliff?

Here’s why.

My Why was not strong enough!

Of course, I want to lose weight but I need more than vanity to pull me away from the cravings. So, I came up with very specific reasons why I am embarking on this journey.

MY WHYs. Why I’m on a Keto Diet!

  1. I want to wear “real” clothes again. I’m tired of wearing black leggings day in and day out. I love leggings but I don’t like that I feel they are my only comfortable option. Yes, I could buy larger jeans but no. Because, that would be wasting money and accepting defeat. And neither are OK with me.
  2. ENERGY! I don’t want to be a slave to a nap. I don’t want to plan my days around HAVING to nap. If I do nap I want it to be a choice.
  3. I want to heal my hormones. Since my run in with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety almost 6 years ago I’m over these chemical imbalances and I know a Ketogentic Diet heals hormonal issues! I’d like to give my body a fighting chance to regulate itself, possibly without the use of pharmaceuticals.

These are my top WHYs and they not only affect me, but my family and how I interact with them and the world around me. Feeling confident in my body, being filled with energy and being mentally and emotionally well will allow me to be the Wife, Mom, and Friend I dream of being. 

The next time those nasty cravings come sneaking up behind me, I have three very strong weapons to smash them with! My WHY’s.

What are your WHYs? I’d love to hear them!

Raivon Lee

PS: There are times that I really want to eat food that has more carbs in it than I’d typically allow. I believe this is OK to have those things. What I don’t like are the cravings that I give into from a panicky irrationally place… It almost feels like a binge. Like, ” EAT ALL THE COOKIES….NOW’. Rather than a calm choice to have a cookie or two. Intuitive Keto is where it’s at 🙂



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