Where’s my Head been Hiding?

Our Pregnancy Announcement I’ve been scrolling through the photos that DH and I have taken over the last few months…well since finding out that we were expecting. Its kind of funny and sort of sad but there’s something that each and every photo has in common. My head is missing! I’m sure you get where this is going.


I have felt not an ounce of beauty since becoming pregnant. I wish I was one of those glowing mommies that never felt better than during pregnancy…but nope that isn’t me, not ONE bit!

During my 1st and early 2nd Trimesters I was feeling sick 24/7 and the thought of getting dressed; let alone smiling was the furthest thing from my mind. I knew that I’d regret not documenting my baby bump so DH would snap shots of me and I’d promptly crop off my face which was in some form of grimace 100% of the time.

pregnancy announcementAnother alternative was not including my body at all đŸ™‚ PERFECT!

Now in my 3rd Trimester, I still have my bouts of early morning dry heaves and generalized aliments, but that’s not whats keeping me away from the camera. These days It”s my massiveness. So, same issue different cause. Its safe to say that belly shots (no…not the kinds that happen in bars) are my friend!

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that didn’t feel like a beauty queen during her pregnancy; am I ?

My baby bump!

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