Home Birth…Are We Crazy!?

Planning a Home Birth Experience

Actually, no we are not crazy… At least WE don’t think we are. I’m a nurse and oddly hospitals scare me. It could be because I’ve seen too much of the “behind the scenes” production. I’m a very private person and I think that when a woman is in labor and giving birth she is the most vulnerable. It’s a very intimate and personal experience. So the thought of bright lights and tons of strangers in and out and possibly not having my OB available doesn’t sit well with me.

We found Brenda Parrish our wonderful midwife that I feel completely at peace with. I don’t feel like a “patient” when I go in for my appointments. I actually get to spend an entire HOUR with her during each visit!

I was initially with Intown Midwifery which I’ve heard wonderful things about. I actually have a friend from my small group that LOVES them. I’m assuming that as their practice has grown their bedside manner or patient care has declined. I was expecting a nice warm overly welcoming environment and staff…  Or a completely different experience from going into a regular doctors office. I definitely felt like a patient and was in and out and left wanting more. I never felt as if I was receiving true pre-natal care. Of course they checked my vitals, put me on the scale and listened to our baby’s heart beat but that’s it. If I didn’t have any questions of my own, my appointment was over. Oh and there was a time that DH call the on call midwife because I nearly fainted. When she called back she made me feel so ignorant and stupid for even calling. Of course I cried all the way home I’m sure I looked insane at the stop lights doing the ugly cry. Lol hormones?

With Brenda things are totally different. She literally vomits TONS of information on all sorts of things that DH and I would have never thought to ask! It was amazing we left feeling like we had finally started our journey into pregnancy! Can you tell I really love our Midwife 🙂

I will be able to give birth in MY comfort zone and labor in a way that’s most comfortable to ME (not based on hospital protocol or doctors preference) …which I believe opens the doors for a wonderful experience. When a woman is not comfortable with her surroundings, doesn’t feel safe etc her body releases hormones that prolong and even stop labor. Also I’m more on the modest side. I was never the girl to get undress in front of my girlfriends or my mom etc. The thought of being in a bed, on my back, knees to my chest, in a room of strangers with a spot light shining you know where doesn’t really relax me. I think my cervix just closed a little tighter just typing that!

I know that everyone says at the time you don’t care but I honestly believe that I will. Even if I don’t I’m sure that after all is said and done I’d think back to being exposed to Tom Dick and Jane… and cringe.

There is so much information out there about natural birth and the hormones released when the mom is not medicated etc. I’m no expert, and I’m not against hospital medicated births. Who knows I just may end up needing both the hospital and medication BUT I feel at peace that DH and I made an educated informed decision that is best for us.

I will keep you all posted on how it goes. Baby Ari is due January 2013!!

Planning a Home Birth Experience

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