The Best Way to Schedule Homeschool for Little Ones & One Great Resource to Get it Done

Easy Homeschooling Schedule For Kindergarten

How to schedule your homeschool day for younger children


I believe the most important part of having success with homeschool is scheduling. Even more important than knowing your homeschool style/philosophy. I didn’t always think this way, but having a schedule that works for my family, grounds us. I am able to easily plug-in the information I’d like to “teach”. Without a schedule, lesson plans are anything but grounded. Instead our plans are like papers blowing in the wind, and I’m frantically chasing and gathering them trying to figure out what goes where.

We are three weeks into our first year of homeschooling. My son is technically a Pre-K’er (4 years old) but I am using a Kindergarten curriculum. I’ve found that Ari has learned much of what’s included in Pre-K curricula while attending a local 3-year-old Pre-K program.

While I have enjoyed learning with my son, there has definitely been a learning curve. My biggest obstacle has been scheduling. But, finally — I believe I have a schedule that works for us.

What I am Wanting my Child to Learn

I am using “What Your kindergartener Needs to Know” as a curriculum guide.

It includes:All in one Homeschool curriculum

  • Language Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • History & Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Music & many resources.

Can you believe that I attempted to fit Language Arts, Reading, Handwriting and Math into one day?  I assigned Art, Music and Science to their own day each week, all while fitting in play-dates, hip hop & gymnastics, speech therapy, Spanish class and soccer practice.

It was a Disaster!

I wasn’t able to dig deep or allow Ari to take his time exploring as a 4-year-old should! I felt like I was failing at the end of every day. I was stressed and it showed.

One Subject a Day Keeps the Stress Away!

A fellow homeschooling mommy friend suggested that I simplify our days. I did, initially, consider a one subject a day schedule but for some reason I didn’t go with the idea. Maybe because I was subconsciously trying to make our homeschool look like traditional school. I was over-achieving because I wanted the best for my child. But, at his age — any age really, I know a rigid schedule is not best.

So now, we are now only exploring one subject a day and it has made a world of difference!

Why it works:

  • I can start and stop without feeling like the “lesson” is left undone.
  • We easily take the learning with us throughout our day. With one subject to keep in mind, it’s much easier to point out things that apply when in the grocery store for example or something that’s on a billboard.
  • It’s so easy to plan! “Today is art day lets learn about different types of lines! All. day. long!”

Having an entire day, from the time we roll out of bed until we are reading our bedtime story to discover and revel in a new ideas and concepts truly takes the pressure off.

Remember, we as homeschooling parents are learning as much, if not more as our little students. It’s a continuous process. After many false starts ultimately this schedule works for wonderfully for our family.


How do you schedule your days?

Raivon Lee,
Vain Mommy

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