Excited to Homeschool — But I Will Miss a Few Things about Public School

After last weeks heavy post on creating a curriculum — Believing I had it ALL figured out — to NOW — being more confused than ever — I’m gonna lighten things up a bit this week!

Our son is 4. He’s currently enrolled in a 3 half-day a week program at a local private school. As the school year comes to an end I’m realizing that this could be our last traditional school year for sometime. That realization is both exciting and saddening. I have very fond memories of Ari’s time in school. Here are a few highlights.

Thanksgiving Placemat. He was MOST thankful for my step-dog! Bruce E Lee
His sweet hand
print. I'll miss the
His sweet toes!
O. M. Geeee! This melts my heart every time! Its a tile or coaster 🙂
Mothers day
that I had no
were on their way!
Yes, he believes
i'm 44.
Getting my PINTEREST on showing appreciation for our wonderful teachers!
I must admit,
I may miss the
3 hrs I've had away
from this
mischievous lil guy
The super cute performances!! My little tiger!
Class birthday celebrations! They are so cute simple and fast!
It's fuzzy
but my
lil guy was
a Shepard
in his Christmas
They sang
away in a manger!
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