A “Vain Mommy” Is Not — At All –What You Think! Choosing my Blog Name.

How I chose my blog name!

Wow I had no idea that's what Vain Mommy meant! Why I named my blog Vain Mommy


What comes to mind when you hear “Vain Mommy”?

My husband truly, could not wrap his head around the idea of naming a mommy blog Vain Mommy. Understandably, he didn’t get it and I have an inkling that you may not get it either.

I can’t blame you, most mommy bloggers don’t choose a brand with an outright in your face, negative connotation.

When I started Vain Mommy I was pregnant and had my sights set on being the perfect stay at home mom (SAHM). Naturally, I’d start a blog. I needed a name that fully represented who I was, even if my husband “Mr. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” thought it was a horrible keyword.

To me Vain Mommy fit the bill perfectly…

So, let me tell you why I shamelessly refer to myself as a Vain Mommy. 

It’s really very simple.

According to Merriam-Webster.

Definition of vain
1:  having or showing undue or excessive pride in one’s appearance or achievements :  conceited

…and we all know what a Mommy is — A mother.

Vain+Mommy= A mom who has or shows undue or excessive pride in her achievements.

What are my greatest achievements, you ask?

These two⇓

Make’s total sense.

Now you know what a Vain Mommy is. And, if you too, are a mom there’s a good chance that you are indeed — A Vain Mommy!

Raivon Lee,
The Vain Mommy

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