LIFESAVER aka Gripe Water!

OH MY GOODNESS! I am actually able to sit here in front of my laptop and press buttons!! Unlike every other day for the last few weeks, Ari is comfortably napping on his own and not in my arms. Ari was staying up for 4+ hours at a time…falling asleep for a few minutes here and there but always a VERY light sleep; he would wake up crying and wanted to nurse continuously for comfort. My poor baby had tummy troubles.

I tried gas drops but I don’t think they really helped all that much. After much … much research online I came across a few forum threads where moms recommended Gripe Water. The reviews on Amazon were good and I was desperate for Ari to have relief… and ill admit I was looking for a little relief myself ;).
I will let you know that if you order from Amazon you will get two boxes (8oz) of Gripe water for $15.99, but we needed it fast so I sent DH to Walgreens and 4oz cost about $12. In the future I will be ordering from Amazon.

The Results

With in minutes of giving Ari the recommended dose (5ml) he was like a new baby I honestly was scared to believe that it actually worked and just waited for him to start crying again ( I know wheres my faith!?)… but he didn’t he sat contently in his bouncy chair which he normally HATES!

Ari sucked the stuff down so I’m guessing it’s not too bad 🙂

On the box it says that it relieves stomach discomfort and gas occasionally associated with colic / upset tummy/ hiccups/ teething.

All in all if you have a gassy fussy uncomfortable baby give this stuff a try!

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