Meet my DH!!


I am very excited to formally introduce you all to my other half! Greg is his name and being amazing is his game!
DISCLAIMER: If you have a weak stomach when it comes to a woman gushing about her man read no further… You will become sick đŸ™‚

We met back in September of 2007 on his 32nd birthday and have pretty much been inseparable ever since. Literally, three plus years went by that we saw each other each and everyday. The only reason our in-separability streak was broken was due to a business trip to the Bahamas.

Greg proposed in Charleston SC in January of 2008, and we were married in December of 2010 after getting settled in Atlanta GA. We will celebrate our two year anniversary this year 12-12-12!!!

He is the man behind, all the technical stuff at least. I communicate the “vision” and he does the rest! He’s multifaceted when it comes to his talents. He’s very artistic, was an excellent gymnast (he will love that I shared that) , web designer, logo designer, he even dabbles in playing a few instruments! For the last 3 years he designed t-shirts for Ellie’s (the little girl I’ve worked with for the last four years) EB awareness walk, and let not forget his specialty Search Engine Optimization!

God has truly blessed him in the career department. One reason we picked up and moved to Atlanta was because of career opportunity and boy did he get opportunity. He currently works at BKV as manager of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) department. He loves the company and LOVES SEO.

We both look forward to meeting our baby, but honestly I’m excited that Greg will have a playmate :). A best friend to watch all the movies with that I can’t stand, someone to dress up with for Halloween, someone to “explore” odd creeks and nooks in the park with! I know they will be extremely close! I may even be a little jealous ( after all I don’t like when Greg talks to the dog around me ) lol! So I will just tag along on their little “adventures”.

There is nothing I’d rather do than spend ALL my time with Greg. I’ve NEVER wanted time to myself (even if I’ve told him that ;). Even when we argue I hate when he leaves the room! It may seem strange to some but he’s my best friend and knows me better than any other person alive, and its simply the way we are. I can’t imagine how inseparable our little family will be once baby Ari is here. What a wonderfully scary thought.

Lastly but most importantly he is a great husband that loves God first. I didn’t find him like this but together we have both grown greatly in our faith. He always prays for me and our family. At night when praying is the last thing on my mind, he is there grabbing my hand or shoulder or whatever and taking our thankfulness, concerns and needs before God. Gotta love him xoxoxo.

Ok Greg… say bye!






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