More Than Just Tired

Enough is enough, there has got to be more going on here than me just being tired. I expect to be tired after all I have a baby and he’s not yet sleeping through the night. But I feel drained, weak, no motivation, I sit on the sofa and have to think about getting up for 10 minutes before I can muster the energy to do it. I’ve FINALLY made an appointment with the Midwifery to get lab work.

I suspect that I’m either anemic or have Post Partum Thyroiditis. Other than the extreme exhaustion I still have bouts of tearfulness and insomnia even though I’m exhausted but the biggest symptom is my extreme hair loss. I posted about my hair loss when it first began in “I’m a baldy and I know it” but since then I’ve completely shave my head. There was no point in keeping the three hairs I had left. 🙁

I was anemic, slightly after having Ari via c-section and was told to take iron but I stopped because I noticed it was turning Ari’s poop green and being a crazy new mom I just knew that if a breast fed baby didn’t have yellow seedy poop that something was wrong. I’m currently taking iron again (Slow Fe) in addition to the iron that’s in my prenatal vitamin 10,000 ius of D3 and Krill oil. Unfortunately it’s causing Ari to be constipated so ill probably back off again.

So tomorrow ill have my labs drawn and as sad as it sounds I hope they find something wrong that can be easily fixed. If not ill just assume I’m crazy :(.
Will keep you all updated!

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