Motivational Monday: What Keeps Me Vocal

Happy Motivational Monday!
I just want to share with you all what motivates me to continue sharing my experience with PPD/A (Postpartum Depression and Anxiety). I often wonder if I share too often or if I’m getting on your nerves with all the depression and anxiety talk.

Below is an email I received from a mom that is also surviving PPA.

She is why I am so vocal . . . even if I get eye-rolls and deep breathes from 1000 people that are sick of hearing my story, it’s all worth it to know that buy simply opening my mouth I helped one person out there.

“I was at TBLO on Saturday (kind of fell behind the crowd on purpose) and saw your post about your blog. I’ve suffered with PPD since having my 1st son and now it has been brought to an ugly, ugly head in the last 7 months. I also noticed my anxiety starting up almost immediately after coming home from the hospital. I’ve struggled with guilt, with self pity, and with feeling like an absolute bother to everyone around me. I’ve felt like I make no sense and like I can’t possibly be worth anything to anyone. I’m also a Christian. I feel like everyone treats me like a plague and that I can just “pray it away” and get over it. After reading your blog post about Saturday, I explored your blog. I’m encouraged by you. I’m not sure what my next steps are as a nursing mom, but I can at least know that others are fighting my similar battle and winning. Thank you for being so open.”

This sweet Mom eventually sought help and went on to say  . . .

“Thank you again Raivon! . . . I know it’s so weird for me to come out of left field but you really gave me that extra push I needed. God knows what we need or who we need right when we need it. He’s seldom early and never late, just always right on time.”

Now if that isn’t motivation for me to keep going, then I am not human — and you should be VERY afraid 🙂

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety
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