Homeschooling? What If I do — What If I Don’t??

deciding to homeschool is no light decision it can be scary!

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and focus on what could go right”


Have you ever been so excited to take a new path? You are positive you’ve made the right choice, and are ready to dive in? BUT for some reason FEAR still lingers?

This is exactly how I feel about homeschooling. 

I”m sold! I’m pumped! I stand firmly behind our reasoning. I’m ready to dive in. I am super excited and I feel alive!

But man — these fears won’t stop scampering around in my head!

What if….

Ari isn’t socialized  —  falls “behind” — is awkward — the naysayers and side-eyers are right — I hate it — I suck at it — I fail my child — he hates being homeschooled AND me?!

I remind myself that, at this moment in time homeschooling is the best choice, because it’s a decision made out of pure love and concern for my child.

Thankfully, fear doesn’t discriminate. It lives on both sides of the tracks, and provides a great line up of positive what-ifs.

On The Flip Side. What if…

I don’t homeschool — Ari hates traditional school — he’s labeled negatively for being an individual — he falls “behind” because his style of learning isn’t recognized — he’s mistreated like many children are — I miss out on the precious time we could have together — I miss out on his firsts — strangers and other children have a greater influence on him than we do — what if I look back in regret?

Fear comes with life, no one can escape it. BUT. Being grounded in faith I have the courage to move forward confidently even though fear stares me straight in the eye. Knowing, even if I fail all things will work together for good … 

Homeschooling is crazy to many people. Heck, it was crazy to me just a few short months ago! You couldn’t pay some parents to homeschool. They know it would not work for their family. And, that is why we each have our own path in life (say’s past follower and people pleaser). Being a mom to my son and daughter was no accident. I truly believe it is my calling and homeschooling is simply an extension of that calling. I really feel that in my heart.

There are many what-ifs that make me nervous. But I also know that it’s because I want to do right by my child.


 Hands down, the what-ifs of — NOT– homeschooling scare me more!

What is/was your greatest fear about homeschooling or not homeschooling?



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