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Contact Email: VainMommyHS@gmail.com.

I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression a few months after having my first child in 2013. I’ve never been afraid to share my story, as a matter of fact, I’ve probably over shared. I’ll admit, there have been times when I began to wonder if I should step back, quiet down, & get over the entire experience. If that’s even possible.
But then — like clock work, a woman who is in the middle of the hell, that depression and anxiety is, reaches out to me — looking for answers, support, reassurance or to thank me for sharing my story.
So, I keep on keeping on! You can find a snippet of my story here.
Opportunities I’ve had to advocate for Maternal Mental Health:
 Aetna Campaign I was chosen to be Aetna’s featured mom.

CNN Article Interview you can find the actual article here.

Listen To Your Mother Show, I was cast and shared my Postpartum Depression experience.

My Story Featured by Postpartum Progress

“I’m Back” 2014 Campaign Video by Postpartum Progress. Giving moms hope that they will be back, they will get better!

“I’m Back” 2015 Campaign Video

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