Prefold Soup!

GMD (Green Mountain Diaper) Prefold diapers

That’s what DH and I made for dinner last night… So yummy!

Actually, we are in the process of prepping our Green Mountain Diaper (GMD) prefolds. I read that boiling greatly speeds up the process, other wise you would have to go through 4-6 washes and dries. Although GMD does not recommend this due to burn risk, we went for it anyway.

We have a HUGE stock pot so I was able to fit about 10-12 newborn bleached orange edged prefolds in at a time, we bought 2 dozen.

Stock Pot for Boiling Prefold Diapers

There is SO much conflicting information online and even in the “How-To Booklet” that comes with the prefolds that I just decided to go for it and see what happens. Which isn’t easy because I’m the type that likes perfectly laid out step by step instructions for EVERYTHING!

Here’s what we did…

  • Boiled the prefolds for 30mins (in water only, GMD says a drop of Ivory works well but many moms use Dawn). We also “stirred” from time to time
  • Removed from pot with large tongs after allowing water to drain off DH tossed them into a towel lined laundry basket.
  • We then washed them on hot in the washer ( we have a top load HE) no detergent ( that’s an entirely different battle)
  • Then dried on hot

Here’s our end result…

Unfortunately I didn’t takes pics of the before and during. We may repeat this process once more, to ensure maximum absorption, but I think they have already made a great improvement!

GMD (Green Mountain Diaper) Prefold diapers


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