The 1 Thing You Need To STOP Doing Now To Reach Your Weightloss Goal!

Keto diet success!

I’m just here today to be real. Blogging can be an extremely therapeutic, especially when I use it as my personal journal.


Why can I not stick to Keto? Last week I wrote about the importance of having a strong WHY! I have THREE of them… THREE — but still I stray.

Actually, I fall off the wagon and then it circles back around to run me over.

I’m rarely physically hungry, thanks to the high amounts of fat I consume on Keto. This way of eating gives me more energy than I’ve ever had! I’m not napping! HUGE


PAUSE — It’s funny how answers come to me when I talk to myself.

Literally. As I’m writing this, asking you all for help the answer has been given to me. I know what the problem is.

The darn scale! Yes, that scale in the picture! Look at it… waiting on me, waiting to ruin EVERYTHING! It actually looks guilty sitting there doesn’t it lol!

how to lose weight on keto

I starting weighing myself again. When I was diving deep into Intuitive Eating I stopped weighing myself and it felt great! At the time I wasn’t on a “diet” because that would have been counterproductive. BUT I started weighing myself again so I could keep track of my progress. What a mistake! I’ve allowed those numbers to affect me. They have ruined my flow!

If the numbers go down I get excited and subconsciously and/or ignorantly relax.

If the numbers go up or stay the same I get pissed (sorry for the language) and start not caring. Wondering if all my hard work is even worth it. Shoot, If I’m not losing I might as well eat alllll the things. Even if don’t really want them!

The scale is not my friend!

The Plan

  1. Remove scale batteries
    Keto diet for weight loss
  2. Scale goes out of sight
  3. Find other ways to measure my success! Energy, how my clothes fit, how I feel over all. Eating High Fat Low Carb (HFLC) has so many benefits other than victories on the scale.
  4. Stop comparing my results to the results of others… those others who lose 10 lbs in one week!
  5. Talk to myself in form of blog posts more often!!!

I was weighing myself much too often. I believe once a month if that will give me a good idea if I’m on the right path.

Have any of you found that the scale does more harm than good? What changes have you made?!

Thanks for Listening!
Until Next Time
Raivon Lee,
Vain Mommy

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