Center Stage: The Trouble Saying Yes Is Getting Me Into

It’s 2015. Well into 2015. My new year resolution was to simply say YES.
Say yes to life, to opportunities that come my way, say yes to my scary dreams and aspirations, say yes to the little voice that says “just try it Raivon, you know you want too.”

And guess what, this is one new year resolution that I’ve stuck with. So far 😉

I’ve always thought that I was shy and maybe even had a touch social anxiety, but I’m finding that I really crave the spot light. Or should I say I thrive and come alive in the spot light.

The majority of my life I have been hiding in fear of myself, fear of the judgment of others, fear of failure etc etc.

Since becoming a mom my fear factor has slowly fallen away. I attribute that to postpartum depression. When we go to the pits of hell with whatever struggle we face. We come back stronger with a totally different perspective on life. Don’t you agree?

I came back fearless and honestly craving that rush that saying yes to life gives.

So what “trouble” has saying yes gotten me into?

A friend suggested that I audition for the Listen To Your Mother Show {tickets on sale now! Follow the link} It’s a show of live readings from moms that is held around mothers day. When she said “you’d be great for this” I thought “oh crap!” Because I knew I was going to have to say yes. I owed it to my self!

I wrote my essay in one sitting. Signed up to audition. Auditioned. And about a week later I received the most exciting email of my life.

I … me … Raivon was cast with 12 other fantastic women! Many who are published authors {there are no coincidences ;)}

The best part is… I am not nervous. I feel like I am living the life that I was made to live. It feels like something I am supposed to do and I am honored to do!

Now for the BIGGEST trouble YES is about to get me into.

Late last year while participating in a 12 week transformation I shared that I used to obsess over fitness models and competitors. The thirst was real {did I use that that correctly? LOL} Well now I have a crazy urge to quench that thirst and become a NPC Bikini Competitor.

Crazy I know.

But it just feels like its something I have to do! I have to say YES! There is a competition here in the Atlanta area 4 days after my 30th birthday. And… I — think — Ima — do it ….

Y’all, I don’t even own a swim suit…

I have always been my own source of pain. I’ve allowed my body (image) to tear me down, lock me in and cause me to miss out on life.

In my 30th year I’m going to change ALL of that! I am going to boldly be Ravion, love Raivon, share Raivon with not only the world but with myself.

I’m taking me back!

Living a life in fear gets pretty confusing, it’s been like living with a stranger.

So for all of you who know me, I have not lost my mind … I’ve simply found myself.

I plan to document my journey to becoming a NPC Bikini Competitor so stay tuned!

I still can’t believe it!

Say YES y’all!! 

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