Six Months and Counting!

20130627-120838.jpgAri is 6 months old today (or 24 weeks whichever you prefer). He’s rolling from his tummy to his back, has 2 teeth and is growing like a weed, really he is. At his last appointment he was 23lbs! and he’s pretty tall as well.

The last 6 months are pretty much a blur. I mean, I really don’t know what else to say… I used to google every issue I had to get advice (thank goodness for an unlimited data plan) now Im just going with the “flow” aka “Ari”. I’ve learned that its easier for all of us to just listen to him and what he needs.

I’ve attempted to stick to a strict schedule (eat play sleep) and do some forms of sleep training but I didn’t have the endurance. I was/am just too tired to pu/pd (pick up put down) 5 million times, and ill admit I can’t stand to hear Ari cry. Believe it or not DH is worse than I am. He’s ready to run to the rescue anytime Ari cries or whimpers.

So we are a baby led family, and Ari really does let me know what he needs. For example he used to nap perfectly in his rock and play sleeper in the living room with the tv low and a touch of white noise 😉 but now he screams and screams anytime I put him in the thing. NOW…He prefers to be rocked to sleep in a dark room with white noise in his Woombie then I attempt to put him in his crib.

See! As soon as I think I have him figured out he changes!

For a while Ari could not sleep through a sleep cycle, meaning he would wake up every 30-45min. I searched high and low for a solution. I tired “wake to sleep” etc but the only thing that worked was to let Ari out grow it.

New mommy motto… THIS TOO SHALL PASS! and repeat constantly!

The Joys… I can not forget to mention the joys of being a mommy.
I am simply in love! Ari is amazing I can not stand to be away from him. We probably co-sleep just as much for me than for him. We are seeing more and more of his personality every day. He’s a fire ball and I imagine that once he becomes mobile our hands are going to be FULL! I only want the best for him and that means giving up things that I previously enjoyed in my past life… but THAT TO SHALL PASS 🙂

6 months later and I can finally feel a glimmer of normalcy creeping back into my life, which Is why I’m able to update my neglected blog 😉

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