Super Easy Tofu Scramble Recipe

tofu scramble

Hello all! It’s the new year and after a recent trip home (the Charleston SC area) I’ve decided to jump on the Vegan train. I have always assumed that after being vegetarian for a while the next step would naturally be… vegan. BUT it was what my brother, Tre’ said during my visit that pushed me over the edge.

Me: Tre’, would you like an egg sandwich?
Tre’: No I don’t eat eggs
Tre’: I don’t want any aborted chickens!

…and this guy isn’t even vegetarian!?

Now I’ve thought about this before and somehow found myself eating eggs again. It was a love hate relationships. But now my egg relationship is all love. I won’t abort anymore baby chicks!

UPDATE: Eggs are actually UN-fertilized chicken eggs … So thankfully I wasn’t eating aborted baby chicks. I was eating the chickens period…menstrual cycle! Yay! HURL!!!!

reasons to be vegan

Anyway, I’m over consuming animal secretions and things made from animal secretions….cheese…butter…milk etc. And today I jumped right in to see if I could successfully replace my occasional morning eggs… and I must say it was an success.

I kept this tofu scramble very simple because I wanted to see if it truly tasted good…on its on without all the fancies.

Sliced Mushrooms
Sliced Red Onions
Chopped Asparagus
Extra Firm Tofu: pressed (I used my Tofu Press) and crumbled
Salt and Pepper to taste

Saute the veggies in your choice of oil until tender.
Add crumbled tofu to pan with veggies stir until warm
season and EAT!

tofu scramble

It was so yummy!! SUCCESS!

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