Swaddling: Sack, Strap or Suit?

swaddle review

I am happy to announce that finally, Ari no longer needs to be restrained to sleep! For the first five to six months of his life he could NOT sleep with out being swaddled. He would wake up himself multiple times, by knocking himself in the face, rubbing his eyes or startling himself.

We tried many different swaddling “devices” and I’ll share with you, which of the four is my favorite. We did attempt to  swaddle him with a normal swaddle blanket, but every time Ari would wake for a feeding (which was often) he needed to be re-swaddled and he thought it was time to play– That wasn’t ok.

Swaddle Strap

swaddle strap reviewI was very excited about the Swaddle Strap. I thought finally Ari will be able to wear cute little PJs instead of a onesie (the other “swaddlers” were too hot for footie PJ’s) and not be forced to sleep in a sack.

Unfortunately the swaddle strap was too restrictive. Basically like a straight jacket with no ‘give’. Ari could not relax enough to fall asleep, he always fought against it. Also it was nearly impossible to nurse and rock him to sleep with his hands glued to his sides. When I think about it who sleeps with their hands stuck to their sides?

It might work better for a baby that is able the put himself to sleep, and doesn’t need rocking.


  • It’s small and compact
  • Baby can sleep in regular PJ’s without fear of over heating


  • It seriously restrains (which maybe a pro for some)
  • Arms are down at babies sides

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

merlins magic sleepsuite reviewIn a few words: too hot, and too hard to change babies diaper.
I had to completely undress Ari to get to his diaper.

Late at night when all I wanted was to get him and myself back to sleep, I didn’t want to take any chances at waking him fully. Also Ari is a sweaty baby, so for him the suit was just too hot. Although some of the reviews on amazon claim that the suit was very breathable.

The Sleepsuit is intended for those trying to transition from full swaddle. It’s made of a thick material and helps to minimize the startle reflex. Little ones have to work a little harder to get there hands to their faces as well.


  • I’m drawing a blank here . . .
  • Maybe good for cooler climates and none sweaty babies


  • There was no tab to prevent the zipper from poking LO’s chin/neck
  • Seems too hot
  • Big and bulky

HALO SleepSack

halo sleepsack reviewMaybe I’m just OCD but with the Sleepsack  I always felt the need to re-swaddle Ari anytime he woke. Whenever I’d go in to feed him picking him up would cause the swaddle to shift and loosen. He could also work an arm out.

Another thing that bothered me was that I could tell he wanted to re-position his arms but couldn’t. I understand the purpose of swaddling is to limit movement but I like my LO to at least be able to move his arms to the most comfy position for him.


  • Easy diaper change thanks to double zipper design


  • The Velcro seems to lose its strength over time
  • Needed to be re-swaddled after feedings

Woombie Swaddle Blanket

woombie swaddle blanket reviewMy favorite!

Ultimately  the Woombie was the best choice for us. LO had just enough freedom to move his hands: up, down, on his chest, by his side etc BUT it kept him from making quick jerky movements or getting to his face!

Yes, the one we chose was pink, but I was having a particularly desperate day. It was all DH could find in the mega baby size :). I was able to change his diaper thanks to the 2 zippers (one at the top and bottom). It’s easy to put on even in the dark.  Ari  would sleep in a onsie and socks under the Woombie.


  • Baby can re-postion his hands
  • Easy for diaper changes
  •  No arm holes or velcro to fool around with
  • Comes in a Mega Baby size (20-25lbs) We had a mega baby for sure!


  • None

Well, mamas I hope this helps. If you have any further questions please ask in the comments below, on Facebook or Tweet me!!

swaddle reviews

*In the spirit of full disclosure, this post has affiliate links, which means that I may get commission if you decide to purchase any of these swaddle devices — choose the Woombie ;). I only recommend products that I use and love myself, so know you are in good hands.*

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