The 2 Hour Loop aka My life…

20130627-121015.jpgNo,I’m not a changed standoff-ish flaky person, ok maybe I am but not on purpose. I really do want to see my friends and go out for lunch or a walk in the park or out for a few shots of tequila đŸ™‚ but since having a baby the only thing I can plan on is following Ari’s schedule.

After researching reading and digging through the Internet I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a high needs baby or “spirited baby” (per Dr. Sears definition high needs baby ) . That being said he has a very particular way of doing things, well needing things to be done rather. Heres where the 2 hr loop comes into play.

Just let me say the saying “sleeping like a baby” is a bunch of you know what, at least in my case. I digress.

Before having Ari I had no idea there was such a science to baby sleep, I thought they just slept.
Ari’s maximum “wake time” is just over 2 hours. Meaning he needs a nap about every 2 hours or he is a very unhappy camper. Ideally this sounds wonderful right?! every two hours mama gets a break! Oh yeah, oh yeah …YEAH RIGHT. Only if he could put him self to sleep, or if he didn’t need white noise or if he didn’t need to be swaddled, or if he could transition through sleep cycles without my help or if my boobs weren’t the only pacifier he’d accept!

So typically all day every day I’m right at Ari’s side, I can’t make plans to go out or even have people over because every 2 hrs (where ever they fall) little man needs me, in a quiet dark room ( I tried to get him used to sleeping with noise but he’s always been a light sleeper) seriously if my bones crack he jumps. If I ignore his sleepy signs I end up with a miserable over tired baby which breaks my heart! What’s worse is that sometimes he only sleeps for 30mins! So the 2 hours starts over again just that soon!

It would be a dream if he could get good sleep on the go. I feel bad when I can’t do things and my reasoning is “the baby” because so many moms are able to just get up and go.

It was and still is a hard pill to swallow. We all have an ideal of what we think our babies will like. Especially when you think you are good with children. But I’ve accepted my little man and his needs. I know (I think… I hope… I pray) that as he gets older things will continue to get easier. Also he will only be this young for a short time so I’m soaking it all in!

The take away is that ALL babies are individuals and have different needs, don’t be like me and assume that you must be doing something wrong or that something must be wrong with your baby, and don’t feel guilty if you have to say no ( I’m still working on this one).

Thankfully I have friends that understand but I do feel that other moms who have/had “easy” babies just don’t get it or assume I’m just being dramatic. Truthfully I’d probably assume the same thing if Ari didn’t put me in my place lol!

Okay back to my two hour loop. Ari just slept for 20mins on my chest while I typed this from my phone! SMH!



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