Where does the time go?!

Wow! Ari is two weeks old and I’ve been meaning to post something…anything at least a few times per week but my little man is running the show. He’s a natural born BOSS! Between taking care of Ari, conquering green slimy poop ( I was so excited to see yellow seedy poop again), a gassy tummy and family visiting the time just runs away from me! I’m loving being a mom, Ari is a dream and has already taught me a thing or two…

Perfection…there is no such thing so don’t even try! I had the perfect ideal for birth, breast feeding, diapering and being a mom…well stuff happens. This was a hard reality for me to accept. I quickly realized that I wasn’t so perfect after all and wouldn’t be no matter how hard I tried. I had to wipe the tears away (that first week was water work week) and suck it up, (with lots of support from DH) and be the best I could for Ari…not perfect but the best I could be!

Plans & Planning…yeah right if nothing else it’s a good pass time.

Lighten Up a little! Stop taking myself so seriously and setting standards for myself so high! I’m my own worse critic…as most women are. I was putting so much pressure on myself! So what if Ari has a bottle or tastes formula. GASP!! As long as he is healthy and cared for I should be thankful and happy!

Sleep… what is it and who needs it!
Does this really need explanation…

Until next time, if and when there is time. Until then feast your eyes on my baby cakes! 🙂

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