On The Other Side of 30!

Earlier this month, on August 11 to be exact. I turned THIRTY! #LeosRule!

This is the first birthday that has affected me in a positive profound way. The morning of my birthday I walked out on to the porch with my coffee, placed it on the rail… lifted my hands high and screamed to the world (in my head), “I AM 30!! I’m 30 …. I’m 30!” With a smile plastered across my face of pure glee!


I cant be sure why turning Thirty means so much to me … or why it makes me feel like I have accomplished some huge feat, but I’ll admit it. My twenties were no walk in the park… Lots of lessons learn and growth that was definitely needed.

Or maybe it’s because I am now old enough to truly really appreciate what it means to get older and wiser to embrace life instead of running from it?

Or maybe it’s because I love a new start and new years resolutions give me a jolt of hope and anticipation that I thrive on.

Regardless Raivon Lee is 30 years old and blessed beyond measure! I am 30 and truly living a life that I dreamed of just a few years back. I have a wonderful husband that loves me and challenges me to grow day in and out, I’ve been given a beautiful child, I am able to stay home with him each and every day … which also translates to me having my dream job! And — I am alive, blessed with my thirtieth year of life!

Thank you God! I have such high expectations for you Thirty… don’t let me down!

Happy Birthday to ME!!

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