It’s ME not YOU: Understanding Your Friends Anxiety

I know, anxiety is really hard to understand for those of you who have never had to deal with it. I’m talking about anxiety that make talking on the phone difficult and makes eye contact feeling like a literal death stare.

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I came across one of the best inventions for us anxiety suffers! 13 Cards Your Anxious Friends Would Seriously Appreciate

If I could give a stack of these cards to each and every one of my dear friends, just so they could give them to me at random times I so would! Actually, I think that I will and maybe they will understand me even better!

Honestly I have only recently been able to share my anxiety with those close to me because I was too anxious to be open about it before. But after Postpartum Depression I’m pretty open about it ALL!      One of my friends was hurt recently by some of my anxious tendencies. She thought they were done personally towards her… but then she got it.

She said, “I understand it’s not me… its YOU!”

Yes — Yes it is me, my dear friend. Sobering but so true.

I’ve finally gotten to an age (nearly 30) where I’m tired of fighting who I am. I am anxious, I have anxiety, I enjoy time alone, and a full calendar will drain my energy and spirit, days if not weeks before the event/meeting/get together.

So if you have a friend that has anxiety — pick up a few why don’t cha!?

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